How to gather in the stomach

How to gather in the stomach

Holders of the beautiful flat stomach are always seen off delighted and jaundiced eyes on the beach. Women dream of the relief press on the body of the beloved, and man – about elegantly outlined contours only. So the opportunity to get into favourite clothes and to feel it is vigorous and fresh — not all pleasures which expect those who decided to gather in the stomach.

Healthy lifestyle

Begin operation on reduction of the body to perfection with transition to the healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep, try not to be nervous, reconsider the diet. Excess fat can collect in different places, but the stomach one of the first is exposed to kick.

There is no universal set of products which use would guarantee maintenance of weight at one level. First of all, develop at yourself useful eating habits. Don't try to return yourself symmetry by means of unsystematic starvation — it can break natural processes in the organism and won't bring desirable results. It is possible to remove gradually excess fat from the stomach, eating low-calorie food: the fresh fruit, vegetables and products rich with starch, for example brown rice, bread from whole grain. Refuse useful to the tummy, more precisely, for its growth, sweets, chips, sparkling water. Eat only what is useful for health.

Clarification from slags

In various recommendations about how to take away the tummy, as the useful product kefir often meets. The glass of this dairy product won't break the diet and will bring feeling of saturation. But the most important is that kefir cleans intestines and all organism from slags.

In the same purposes eat more vegetable products. Make to yourself the breakfast consisting, for example, of porridge and apple, for lunch make vegetables greens salad, and have a bite carrot in the evening.

For normal work of intestines drink the glass of cool clear water in the mornings. Or receive next the heart one-two tablespoons of olive or linseed oil. It is possible to mix it with the lemon half. The habit to do will also help you to clean this every day the liver, to normalize its work. Vegetable oils consist generally of polyunsaturated fats therefore they also promote weight loss.


If you didn't decide yet how to gather in the stomach, consider all possible ways. For example, if the scale of the problem is big, try to address achievements of the cosmetic industry. Liposuction — serious operation therefore, having decided on it, carefully choose clinic, address only professionals. By means of this procedure it is possible to simulate contours of the body and to remove the excess fat, to get rid of ugly folds under the breast and around the navel, to remove deformation in the form of the ball. Of course, liposuction by not everyone on the pocket, but is not the only way to lose weight.


Pick up the special modeling means, it can be cream, the mask, gel, oil — or the whole complex. They will cost money too, besides, in itself can't make the stomach flat. Use them only in combination with trainings, the diet, massage and other procedures.


Wrapping helps to remove fat from the stomach. Active components of specially prepared mixes bring excess liquid out of fabrics, split fats. It is popular service in beauty shops, but wrapping not so difficult and in principle doesn't demand special skills for its carrying out. So you can gather in with its help the stomach in house conditions. Before wrapping surely purify skin, it is desirable by means of the srub. Steam out it and only then apply with massage movements weight on area of the stomach and waist. Wind the problem site with food wrap and warmly put on. It is better to lay down under the blanket and to wait half an hour or to move actively all this time. Then wash away. You carry out the procedure every two daysevery two daysevery two daysevery two days. The most effective mixes for wrapping for weight loss — with coffee, clay, vinegar and honey.

1. Dilute with boiled water of coffee and clay in the combination 1:1 to consistence of sour cream. Let's infuse and cool down. Carry out the procedure with this mix in the way described above.

2. Part two tablespoons of dry mustard in water, add on the teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and salt and take mix day in the warm room. Add some warm honey in the quantity equal to the turned-out structure. Apply on the stomach.

3. Carry out wrapping, the fabric moistened with 3-y vinegar. At will add couple of drops of essential oil. Wind the stomach with the film and repeat the same actions.


Correction of the figure can be carried out also by means of hydromassage bathtubs. This service in SPA- and beauty shops — not the rarity. The directed action of the water jets which are crossed under pressure will bring into the stomach muscle tone, will break the accumulated fat lumps, will force to move a little hated folds of the Shar-Pei. Massage by means of water strengthens blood supply, accelerates the metabolism, improves the condition of skin. In principle, it is useful to all who can take the bath. But nevertheless before massage consult to the expert.

Exercises for the stomach

All these ways will start working to the full extent if to combine them with trainings. Physical exercises for the stomach not only remove superfluous, strengthen prelum abdominale muscles, but also give to the body beautiful outlines.

Do any sport which to you to liking. Or dances. Buy home the ab trainer. Register in group of supporters or in individual occupations. Gym, driving by bicycle, run — options the set. — begin the main thing.

Trainings under the leadership of the professional are most effective. But nothing prevents to give classes in house conditions.

If you decided to stop at power trainings, independently or by means of the expert develop the set of exercises aimed not only on disposal of the stomach, but also on strengthening of all muscles. Really, having focused on one, it will be difficult to be satisfied with how there are affairs. Besides, muscles of the prelum abdominale participate almost in all exercises, even in such where movements are made by means of other parts of the body. Be engaged at pace, convenient for you, – slow effort at well recorded situation always more effectively than heavy breakthrough.

Here nevertheless several popular and effective exercises in which muscles of the stomach are most involved.

1. The first — raising of the trunk from the prone position. You lay down on the back, brushes have to be under the head. Bend legs in knees and track that the foot densely adjoined to the floor. Having pressed the waist, strain muscles of the stomach and raise the top part of the trunk, last at the same time forward. Pay attention that shoulders were straightened, elbows are divorced in the parties. Buttocks and feet shouldn't be displaced.

2. Twisting of the trunk in the prone position — at this exercise oblique muscles actively work. Lying on the back, hands under the head, bend legs in knees, place the anklebone of one on the knee of other leg. You watch that the knee of the pivot foot was located on one line with the corresponding shoulder, and foot rested against the floor. Raise the hand and the shoulder of the pivot foot up and forward and direct them to the center line of the trunk as though being twisted around the backbone. Other hand has to contact to the floor all the time.

3. The third — "Bridge". Lying on the back, bend legs in knees and rest them against the floor. Elbows have to be at an angle 90 degrees, the waist is slightly bent. Resting elbows, shoulders and feet against the floor, at the same time raise hips and the breast — the main movement has to be carried out by the basin. After the pause return to the home position. Try to avoid the main mistakes: breakaway of feet, distortion of the movement for the score of the uncoordinated movement of hips, unstable position of knees. In all exercises of effort you see off on the exhalation, return to the home position — on the breath.

Occupations by means of game consoles

It is possible to take away the small tummy, playing. In literal sense. Choose the program and the set of exercises which are directed specially to the training of muscles of the stomach. In loneliness or in the company of friends turn on the game console and move together with characters on the screen.

There is the set of justifications: "How to gather in the stomach if to me already for …" or "All in the sort had problems with excess weight, you will do nothing … here". All this is called in a word — laziness. To take away the paunch, just get up from the sofa and start occupations. On what option you as a result stop – not important. So you will prefer – to hide once again the tummy successfully picked up clothes or after persistent work on itself to show all the ideal body?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team