How to get rid of folds in armpits

How to get rid of folds in armpits

Folds near the axillary hollow most often meet at people with the excess weight, but they can appear even at the most harmonious. It is connected with weak pectoral muscles, fouls of the bearing, diet and even incorrectly picked up clothes.

  • - medical examination at the endocrinologist;
  • - consultation of the nutritionist;
  • - subscription to the pool or the fitness center;
  • - sportswear.

1. If you connect emergence of folds with excess weight, see the doctor to establish the cause of obesity. It can be hormonal fouls, improper feeding, stresses and the habit to jam internal discomfort sweets. Comprehensive examination should be done once a year, and better each six months. If it is difficult, then it is possible to manage the general blood test and consultation at the endocrinologist. At examination that there are no problems with weight (or they are solved by means of traditional ways), it is possible to pass to pointed impact on the problem zone - armpits.

2. Swimming is the best way to strengthen weak pectoral muscles. The effective result is achieved on average in one and a half months. The ideal way is to buy the vacation package to the South and the whole month to float in the sea. The way of economy class is to buy the subscription to the pool and on fitness.

3. In certain cases the massage therapist will help. The way for eternally busy and anywhere not in time - to buy the rowing exercise machine and to be engaged at home. Power and aerobic trainings are the first, powerful strike on fat deposits in armpits.

4. That "accordion" didn't return in the month, it is necessary to be engaged in strengthening of the bearing. For this purpose it is necessary to develop and strengthen not only muscles of the breast, but also the broadest muscles of the back. It is the best of all to do it under supervision of the competent instructor in the fitness center. Ask the expert to make exercises for house occupations. The weight, intensity of loadings and pulse have to pay off individually. It is especially important for people with the big weight and that who has problems with heart, pressure and vessels.

5. The diet and the correct posture will help to set results. There is the sense to hang up the sticker which would remind near the computer to hold the back exactly. Many go into extremes - lean on power exercises and refuse oil and fat milk. You shouldn't do it. To win against axillary folds, it is far more important to limit in the diet salt and other products which are held by liquid in the organism (for example, tea). Instead of salt it is recommended to add soy sauce to food.

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