How to get to fall in love and to subdue the man Bliznets

How to get to fall in love and to subdue the man Bliznets

Twins are extraordinary, outstanding, vigorous, erudite, strong personalities. Nothing surprising that you fell in love with the young man who was born under this constellation. Arguing on how to be pleasant to Twins, it is worth being guided by the recommendations of astrologers.

Men Bliznetsy: what they

Twins usually leave about themselves very deceptive first impression — they are capable to pretense if they want to prove to be to the best advantage. Therefore we will consider original positive and negative sides of the sign.


Undoubted pluses of Twin male:

  • these are highly intellectual young people, sometimes have the literary gift;
  • they very easily meet with people;
  • with ease master new professions and gain new skills;
  • for the sake of achievement of a goal skillfully concentrate the internal energy;
  • have good sense of humour;
  • among important everyday qualities which allocated this sign — ambition, practicality, responsibility, organizing talent, excellent orientation in any situation.

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Negative qualities

The main minuses in the nature of the sign:

  • callousness in the relations with people, thrift and distrustfulness;
  • these are rather quick-tempered, emotional people, their feelings do not differ in stability;
  • are not adapted for family life at all and sometimes prefer fleeting novels.

The dream female for them

To achieve the man Bliznets, it is necessary to have an idea of his zodiac preferences.

What appreciates in women

Though for this sign important as the girl looks and as far as she economic, he will feel sincere relationship only with that which will communicate with it on an equal basis. The Twin male looks for the companion who would replace to him the friend. Having extensive knowledge, he highly appreciates ability to generate the new ideas, ability to joke, share new information and so on.

Besides, as the ladylove he looks for the romantic girl who is capable to surprise him and to decide on extraordinary acts. It is interesting to such man to receive and most to give gifts. The same concerns also beautiful acts, various surprises.

Twins are big judges of female beauty. The ideal girl, from their point of view, has to be obligatory bright, but at the same time unpredictable and mysterious.

What you should not do

The inattention from the companion can seriously upset the representative of this sign.

Does not love the man when the woman:

  • limits freedom;
  • it is too pedantic;
  • criticizes;
  • often reproaches;
  • argues, contradicts;
  • touches its personal belongings.

Whether you know? For the reasons unclear hitherto, the lightning strikes men six times more often than women.

How to win the man Bliznets's heart

To be pleasant to contradictory Twins, it is necessary to make some efforts.

How to draw attention to itself

Because of internal inconstancy it is difficult to young man to be defined to what external parameters of the girl he gives preference. Today it is crazy about the burning rebellious brunette, tomorrow he is already lost in contemplation of the modest blonde.

This sign is very amorous, he tends to flirtation from which he gets a lot of positive emotions. Therefore it is rather simple to seduce such man. If at you it did not turn out today, tomorrow for certain there will be your day. You can test different ways of drawing attention — from ignoring of his person before open manifestation of interest. What of them will work, depends on momentary mood of Twins. And, of course, you have to look unsurpassed.

How to behave

The darling of the considered zodiac sign has to show consideration for its reckless plans, encourage the ideas which are generated in his consciousness at breakneck speed. At the same time it is important to be interested sincerely in it — to support, praise, listen, try to understand.

That the Twin began to consider you as the companion, follow simple recommendations:

  • for a start become it the loyal friend;
  • skillfully keep up the conversation and more often you joke;
  • behave easily and easy, as at a conversation with the old acquaintance;
  • learn about his hobbies, periodically you are divided news by the interesting its topics.

Important! In the relations with the Twin it is important not to complicate and not to dramatize any given situation. React on more and more simply and more reserved.

How to get to fall in love

To Twins the special approach is necessary:

  1. Before a meeting think over subjects for an easy conversation. During the conversation place emphasis on the best qualities, try to sparkle with wit.
  2. At the same time be ready to listen to his stories with interest, showing live emotions, but not just nodding. Otherwise hardly arisen sympathy immediately will be gone.
  3. Having attracted in it interest, it is desirable to disappear for a short time, having given it freedom.
  4. For final conquest of heart of the young man, you have to force it to think of you constantly. But at the same time you hold it at some distance. Such tactics will distract the freedom-loving Twin from thoughts of a wedding of which he is afraid as fire. The young man will be able quietly to plunge into the romantic relations with darling.

How to fascinate and tempt the man

Twins do not pass by the beautiful girl — the fact of her emergence cannot leave them indifferent. Therefore in seducing follow the rules of an intrigue and esthetics at the same time. Also coquettish hinting gestures will not prevent.

To become meaning of life of the man, at the initial stage of the relations from you too much is not required. The accurate and well-groomed appearance, beautiful dresses, a hairstyle and manicure — these trifles are very significant. Be in the female flower of beauty, be bright, picturesque, easy. Make the choice for airy dresses, a simple make-up.

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How to marry and hold forever

For the young man who was born in the period from May 21 to June 20 the imposed marriage is unacceptable. Attempts of relatives or friends to marry him result in opposite result.

So far he independently will not decide that he is ready to the serious relations with you, be easy in communication, enjoy flirtation. In future family life with the Twin the similar qualities still will be useful to you.

Even having decided on marriage, the representative of this sign continues to dream of adventures. So it is much simpler to marry such person, than to keep the relations. Inconstancy and unpredictability of character significantly complicate relationship. According to statistical data the Twin male are not limited to one marriage — throughout all life they marry several times.

Ideal marriage in understanding of Twins is the union of two partners independent and equal each other. This sign begins to feel affection for the woman when it becomes interesting to it. The mysteriousness, constant novelty, unpredictability — a certain way for the girl to hold the elect, getting it to fall in love again and again.

Important! Being near Twins, understanding of own purposes where you move and what you want to achieve as a result is important. Otherwise you will adapt to the man and will absolutely forget about the true tasks and values. Therefore we advise you not to lose the head in the relations with the representative of this sign!

Advice to representatives of different zodiac signs

The worst couple for Twins — the Maiden, the Scorpion, Fishes. To representatives of other signs we suggest to get acquainted with the councils of astrologers given in the table:

Zodiac sign of the woman

Characteristic of compatibility



The girl the Aries picturesque and extraordinary, than also attracts Twins.

In marriage we recommend to be a little reserved. Be not jealous the spouse that between you the passion was not gone.


The main weapon zhenshchiny-Teltsa — condescension, wit, sexuality and a gentle love rush.

Be patient, and, after all, you subdue this changeable sign.


For the darlings and easy speeches they hide all gravity of intentions.

Try various methods of seduction — the main thing to get to today's mood of the Twin male.


It submits the restraint, femininity and innocence.

Having shown these qualities, you will get into the heart. The main thing — do not become reserved.


Proud lioness, bright, but at the same time she is soul of the company.

It will be simple to subdue the Twin, greedy for eccentricity, to you.


They are romantic, are expressly womanly, but are indecisive.

Be not given with all passion to the person with whom does not promise you a certain future.


The girls who were born under this constellation either are excessively honest, or are the incorrigible sceptics who were disappointed in the stronger sex.

The union has to be under construction on physical and psychological magnetism, only then it will be long.


It is beyond the years wise and practical.

Try to be less captious and exacting. Communication on abstract subjects will introduce in the sensuality relations.


It concerns the Twin not as others — does not consider him windy, unreliable, irresponsible, than and wins his heart.

The small lie peculiar to the Twin can become a hindrance to the strong relations. Learn to forgive the spouse.

Here such difficult and at the same time attractive Twin male. The girl wishing to become his darling needs only a little cunning. You do not hurry to reveal the personality, be lovely and easy, and then at you everything will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team