How to increase the number of push-ups

How to increase the number of push-ups

If you seriously treat your physical shape, then, for certain, already thought of how to increase the number of the push-ups helping to build up to you muscle bulk. Everything that you need – to have the accurate training plan, is a little patience, disciplines and hour of free time in the week. There is the huge number of various techniques, but not everyone guarantees that you will achieve big results.


1. This program is calculated on five weeks. You can choose time for exercises at discretion, but remember that breaks shouldn't be less than one day and no more than three days. Therefore ideal option – Monday, Wednesday, Friday. It isn't recommended to be interrupted more than for 5 days extremely, otherwise everything should be begun anew.

2. Push-ups need to be carried out on average pace, exhaling when straightening hands. Legs have to be in one line with the case. It is desirable to carry out push-ups on fists, but at first it is possible also on palms. The break between approaches – about 3-4 minutes. Before occupations it is necessary to do easy warm-up.

3. The first week.1 training: 5 approaches on 20 times, in addition 20 times to be wrung out from the chair (sit down on the chair, having pushed legs forward, then put hands on the seat); The 2nd training: 5 approaches on 25 times; The 3rd training: 30х35х35х35х20 (the sign "x" designates approach).

4. The second week.1 training: 35х40х40х35 and push-ups from the chair 20х20;2 training: 40х45х50х40;3 training: 45х50х55х40.

5. The third week.1 training: 50х50х50х50 and one approach of push-ups from the chair (20 times); The 2nd training: 45х50х55х60;3 training: 60х65х65х65.

6. The fourth week.1 training: 50х60х70х60;2 training: 20х85х30х20;3 training: 55х65х70х60.

7. The fifth week.1 training: 95х50х40х25х15;2 training: 30х35х35х30 and in addition three approaches of push-ups from the chair (10х20х25); The 3rd training: we carry out the maximum number of push-ups.

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