How to increase the shot power in boxing

How to increase the shot power in boxing

All would like to be strong, to be able to defend themselves and the relatives. From there is the question: how to develop the shot power. Especially as presently without self-defense it is possible to get into the unpleasant situation or even to be crippled. As to learn to hit quickly and hard to send the enemy to the knock-down or it "to switch off".

It is required to you

  • - Confidence in the forces.
  • - Ability to achieve the goal.
  • - Persistence.


1. In most cases the shot power depends on technology of kick, the condition of muscles, genes. First of all it is necessary to learn at least elements of the technique of boxing, the correct striking a blow that it made sense to increase the speed and the shot power. So, we begin with warm-up. We warm up hands, shoulders, muscles of the breast, the back, legs. It is known that force of the direct strike goes from the triceps. And here how kick changes, also other muscles are connected. Let's take as the example we will take side kick - Hook: the triceps and muscles of the breast are generally involved in it. And, let us assume, the biceps, the triceps, breast muscles and also the muscle of the back and the waist are involved in the lower kick - the uppercut-. In boxing all shot power depends on legs, and muscles of hands are involved then.

2. After this small digression to the theory, we can directly pass to exercises. Let's start the first exercise for the direct strike - to push-ups on palms, narrow statement. Triceps muscles which enter into group of the main muscles for the speed and the shot power are involved in this exercise. It is necessary to put palms thus that between them the triangle figure was formed. At the same time palms have to be parallel to the chin. At push-up we touch the forehead area of the triangle.

3. Now we pass to the second exercise - to push-ups on fists, narrow statement. In this exercise the triceps besides works for us. We put fists together, parallel to the middle of area of the breast. We are in such a way wrung out, at the same time having moved apart legs on width of shoulders.

4. Further we carry out push-ups on fists in the wide position. Also breast muscles are involved in this exercise, besides muscles of hands. Pumping over breast muscles, respectively, we increase force and speed of side kick. We move apart hands as it is possible more widely, we put them on fists and we begin to be wrung out. Push-ups need to be done as it is possible more deeply that muscles worked optimum. The best way to carry out deep push-ups - with use of three chairs. We put 2 chairs in parallel each other for hands and 1 for legs. And thus we are wrung out, lowering the torso as it is possible more deeply.

5. Now we take dumbbells weighing 2-3 kilograms. For a start it isn't necessary to take bigger weight not to injure joints. Also we conduct shadow-fighting, on 200 kicks of straight lines, side and uppercuts.

6. Then we take the jump rope and we begin to jump as soon as possible, not less than 3 minutes are desirable. Performing this exercise, we pump over calves and feet from which directly there is the shot power. If you have no jump rope, it is possible to jump also without it, steps forward, back, to the right and to the left.

7. Push-ups need to be carried out smoothly, at equal pace and to the limit, before trembling of hands from reloading. It is known that in all sports, doing something over the opportunities, thereby they extend. So, we made several series of push-ups plus rope jumping. After that it is necessary to give 20-25 minutes to the beating on pear. And work with pear has to be also smooth. To beat it from all force and as soon as possible isn't necessary. To relax the worked muscles, it is necessary to carry out couple of rounds with pear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team