How to connect new electric stove

How to connect new electric stove

In spite of the fact that the majority of settlements are installed gas, there are houses in which gas is not carried out. It has caused installation of electric stoves. Some consciously remove gas-fire, establishing electric. In comparison with gas, electric stoves have number of advantages.


1. Independent installation is not always justified. First, at the slightest violation of process of installation the manufacturing company has the right to refuse to you after-sales service. If you are not sure of the forces, address to the company which is professionally engaged in installation of household appliances.

2. At first it is necessary to dismantle old plate. For this purpose, you disconnect electricity, you unclench terminals and you pull out plate. Then carry out special power line from guard, or check serviceability of old wiring.

3. For laying of wires, on walls do marking on which punch stroba by means of the perforator, or chisels with the hammer. In the special isolating vein carry out wires to them, fix them through each 20 cm to wall special holders. In exit point of the socket form cavity and install the socket. From above stroba putty.

4. Then it is necessary to provide wall thermal insulation and also to make sure that all furniture, adjacent to plate, has fire-resistant elements.

5. Read the instruction for connection of plate. In it schemes of connection to the two-phase, three-phase or single-phase power supply network have to be specified. The best option of connection is three-phase current. It is given on three phase wires (L1, L2, L3), and the return line for them is the zero conductor (N). Even if you have not three-phase system, then on the scheme you will see the same L1, L2, L3 and N, connection only between phases will differ in installation of crossing points. Include electricity, check availability of current in the socket the indicator.

6. Establish plate into place. Include it in the socket and check work. Heating of rings has to happen for time specified in the instruction. If everything meets standards, the plate is ready for operation.

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