How to learn it is correct to breathe

How to learn it is correct to breathe

The vast majority of modern people aren't able to breathe effectively. At those who actively play sports the correct breath during the exercise stress is established by itself, and all rest for this purpose needs to master it independently. What it is necessary for and how it can be done?

Kind of strangely and ridiculously it sounded, but the vast majority of people uses the respiratory device hardly on the quarter of its real efficiency. It is interesting that small children breathe correctly; from this it is possible to draw the conclusion that the habit to breathe wrong and inefficiently is not congenital, but acquired. Most often it is provoked by the hypodynamia, or insufficient quantity of exercise stresses.

When the person moves a little, the most part of his bodies doesn't need active inflow of the blood enriched with oxygen; for this reason he gets used to breathe superficially. Inefficient use of all volume of lungs provokes deterioration in their function and developing of various chronic diseases.

Correct and wrong breath

Women in the majority breathe only the breast. It is partly connected with the cult of the slender body – in the pursuit of ideally flat stomach of the woman avoid everything that can give them to tummies though some volume. Children and men mainly breathe the stomach, but their breath is superficial too. Breath by the breast excessively loads the throat and vocal chords, and breath by the stomach harms digestive organs.

How it is correct to breathe? The correct breath has the mixed character, that is in the course of it both the breast, and the stomach is involved. The modern person so weaned from the natural, put by the nature breath mechanism that he is forced to study consciously it anew.

To learn it is correct to breathe: how to make it?

In the beginning it is necessary to master the correct breath. For this purpose it is necessary to involve the diaphragm in the basic, having as much as possible relaxed muscles of the shoulder girdle. At the same time duration of the breath has to be approximately half shorter, than the exhalation. For the training of the correct breath exhale, having completely exempted the lungs from the minimal air. When you feel keen desire to inhale, begin the slow breath with the nose – it lasts about 8 seconds. At the same time fill lungs with air, beginning from below – the stomach, then – the diaphragm, and, at last, the top part of the breast is a little inflated in the beginning. The exhalation which lasts twice longer than the breath, you make in the return sequence – the breast, the diaphragm, the stomach. After the exhalation sustain the small pause and only then take the next breath. This pause allows to avoid the hyperventilation and dizziness from intensive saturation of the organism oxygen. You hold such trainings daily on an empty stomach or several hours later after meal, and soon you will master full breath.

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