How to learn to jump on the snowboard

How to learn to jump on the snowboard

The snowboarding is the beautiful, extreme and breathtaking view of sport which attracts more and more new people wishing to study spectacular tricks without which it is impossible to call snowboarding full and bringing the pleasure maximum to the athlete every year. There is the number of rules which should be observed if you decided to master the technique of jumps on the snowboard. Not only beauty of jumps, but also safety of the athlete depends on these rules.


1. Qualitatively to learn jumps, the convenient springboard of the sufficient steepness is necessary. The springboard for training can be found in the snowpark and also if there is the opportunity, you can construct the springboard independently. The correct springboard for jumps has to be established on the inclined plane, its surface has to be plain and smooth, and the congress from the springboard has to be direct.

2. If you want the jump on the springboard to be successful, drive up to the springboard, having slightly bent legs and having straightened the back. Train to approach the springboard quickly and accurately, without falling in process, and then begin to train jumps. Having bent legs, go down on the snowboard on the springboard, without making a start from it and without straightening the leg. This rule needs to be followed not to lose balance. Besides, the shoulders parallel to the snowboard plane help to keep balance on the board.

3. If you jump in such situation, the board won't be developed perpendicular to the springboard, and you land accurately. Landing after the jump it is also necessary to train – train and try to obtain the maximum stability of the relegation on which stability of landing directly depends. The relegation from the springboard will be accurater and more correct, the more accurately you land after the jump.

4. There is the number of popular tricks which the beginning snowboarders – for example dream to master ollies. To make ollies, it is necessary to make a start from the edge of the springboard, having driven up to it to take off above. At the push don't draw in under yourself the leg – be pushed with legs evenly, directing effort down.

5. Having come off the springboard, raise knees to the breast, and then land on the bent legs. After you master the main technique of jumps and after at you the trick ollies begins to turn out steadily, you can pass to development of more difficult tricks - Nose & Tail Rolls, Shifties and also various spins and greba.

6. Performing any trick, you remember that the key moment of the trick is carried out in the highest point of the jump.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team