How to lose weight in hands and shoulders quickly by means of trainings and food

How to lose weight in hands and shoulders quickly by means of trainings and food

There is a wish to look beautiful and attractive always. To achieve the ideal figure, women are ready to keep to diets, to drink special tablets and to play sports. Not only the slender waist and elastic hips, but also beautiful hands are important for achievement of desirable fragility.

Food for weight loss in hands and shoulders

To throw off extra kilos in hands and shoulders, it is necessary to do strict control and calculations of calories. To remove from the diet of the squirrel, fats and carbohydrates it isn't necessary. All this is necessary for normal work of the organism and development of muscle bulk, and here it is necessary to exclude too high-calorie food from the diet. Cakes, cakes, fat desserts, sausages, some grades of ham and also various canned food in oil belong to harmful products. Optimum amount of the fats used in day – 40 grams.

It should be notedIt should be noted that strongly it isn't necessary to cut down day norm of calories. 1200 calories a day for women and 1500 for men are considered optimum. Experts don't advise to reduce the diet more than by 700 kcal as it is fraught with feeling sick and problems with health. Monodiets – option when it is necessary to eat only one product, for example, rice, you shouldn't be fond. Such express diets if help to throw off couple of kilograms, then the result long won't keep, and, most likely, will return, having taken with itself several "friends" in addition.

Exercises for weight loss in hands and shoulders

Any sports activities have to begin with warm-up. At study of muscles of hands and shoulders as the warming up of the body "Jump rope" is recommended to do exercise. It not only will prepare the organism for loadings, but also will strain forearm muscles. For exercise performance the stock isn't required. It is necessary to present mentally that in hands the jump rope. Now it is necessary to jump on socks 1-2 minutes. Hands at the same time make rotary motions, as at occupations with the real jump rope. The case when performing exercise of the straight line, bicepses are strained, elbows are pressed to the body. After warm-up it is possible to start exercises. The first is called "Mill". – costing the home position on the floor, legs shoulder width apart. Further the body bends forward, forming the parallel with the floor. In this situation it is necessary to do energetic swings by hands, at the same time shoulders don't rise. At first there is enough 10-15 repetitions, it is recommended to increase number of repetitions further and for the best effect to pick up dumbbells no more than 1.5 kilograms. The following exercise which will help to make hands and shoulders is more beautiful – push-ups from the floor. It is necessary to fall by the floor and to put emphasis on knees - for beginners, on socks of legs - for the prepared people. Hands rest against the floor and are placed on width of shoulders, the back direct, the stomach in is tucked. Now it is necessary to make 10 push-ups at slow pace, couple of seconds the break, 5 push-ups in the fast mode. To repeat such alternations 3 times. Dumbbells weighing 1-1.5 kg will be necessary for performance of this exercise. So, legs shoulder width apart, back direct. To raise hands with weighting compounds to shoulder height and to bend in elbows, the right angle has to be formed. Now it is necessary to reduce and part hands, holding them directly in the face of. To make 3 approaches on 15 times. Three above exercises quite will be enough initially for those who want to lose weight in shoulders and hands.

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