How to play sports all family

How to play sports all family

To play sports all family, the main thing is to begin with small, foot walks in the mornings and joint departure on the nature on days off. It is necessary to remember that children follow the example of the parents, so, it is necessary to try that they grew up the active people loving sport.


1. All heard the saying "The bad example is infectious". And so, children will be guided by parents and if mother with the father prefer to spend free time on the sofa, silly to wait from them for huge love for sports. You have to set the kid the good example, so, it is necessary to work. What to begin with? Psychologists claim that it isn't obligatory to go the system to gym at all or in horse section, for a start it is worth being engaged in active games which are quite capable to replace at the beginning with themselves sport. Good weather was given? Make foot walk to the forest. It is possible to use such right moment for silent hunting or collecting of leaves for future herbarium.

2. Remember yourself in the childhood as you drove from snow-covered mountains on the sledge or played snowballs. Invite the family to drive on the sledge or go to the skating rink. Such joint pastime will do good all family, bringing together close people and allowing to distract from daily cares and it is better to understand each other. You have the opportunity to improve the figure and to increase vitality, and kids will get used to the exercise stress, to become tempered and develop at themselves useful habits which will remain for the rest of life.

3. Today in all kindergartens arrange day of health when all fathers and mothers are invited to participate in the mass competition. Don't refuse such offer, begin with small, and the happy smile of your kid and his fervent laughter will become the award to you. Perhaps, it will rouse you to joint morning jogs on days off, and later it is possible to think also of the subscription in sports section. It don't have to be sambos and judo at all, it is possible to become the active member of chess club or to realize the cherished dream – to dance to the point. All in your hands. The main thing that it brought pleasure and was welcomed by all family members.

4. Perhaps, your son or the daughter will ask to take in the campaign of the friend or the girlfriend, and there can be also several friends. Yes, it is heavy responsibility, but it is worth it. Can happen so that you make the big team including and parents of these children with whom you make friends and you will play sports together. For example, you will get out to the country and you will plunge into the atmosphere of the most real war, having participated in such game as the paintball. The main thing is to work, not to sit in place, and then you will be able to appreciate positive sides of active lifestyle soon and will nevermore be able to refuse it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team