How to practice yoga in house conditions

How to practice yoga in house conditions

If there is desire to take care of the own life, but mad pace of trainings in the gym not absolutely the fact that it is necessary for you – pay attention to yoga. Fluent movements, harmony and the relaxation after each training do occupations by yoga attractive to many. How to practice yoga in house conditions from scratch? Let's consider seven poses (asanas) for beginners.

What to begin occupations with yoga with  

First of all be convinced of lack of contraindications. The yoga is contraindicated at any chronic diseases in the stage of aggravation and congenital deformations of bone department. In the presence in the past of operations on joints and the backbone, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician and to start yoga only after the course of physical therapy.

For occupations the yoga in house conditions requires: the nonskid rug, the terry towel and the clothes which aren't constraining movements. Footwear for yoga isn't necessary, all exercises are performed on the bare foot. For mood put the relaxing music and turn on the air ionizer (if is).

In the summer whenever possible practice yoga in the fresh air: on the grass or the board covering. Has to distract nothing from occupations. Duration of one occupation: not less than 45 minutes.

Yoga for beginners: 7 asanas (positions)

Occupations always begin yoga with breath control, and come to an end with the relaxation. Consider 7 asanas (positions) for beginners.

To start occupations lay the rug and sit down, having crossed legs. Put wrists on knees the back up. You hold the back and shoulders directly, the chin shouldn't be lowered. Close eyes. Make 6 deep breaths and exhalations. Try that duration and depth of the breath and exhalation was identical.

1. Pose of the cat

One of the most important problems of yoga in house conditions: medical impact on the backbone. Many quite often observed how the cat is gracefully curved, shaking from themselves the dream remains. The first pose of yoga for beginners – the pose of the cat, is designed to give flexibility and the tone to the backbone.

Get up on all fours so that legs and hands were at right angle to the body. Fingers of hands are spread wide. On the breath bend the waist down, straighten shoulders and pull the head up, without tearing off palms from the floor. On the exhalation, on the contrary, curve the back the arch, tuck the stomach in, and hang the head down.

All movements are slow – present that you the cat on the sun. All poses in yoga maintain into score 6. Finish the sixth breath, make the full exhalation and slowly push away palms from the floor, bending knees and sitting down on the heels. 

2. Mountain pose

All poses in yoga smoothly flow from one in another. From the finishing provision of the pose of the cat move the right or left hip aside, put the leg bent in the knee and slowly rise, helping themselves hands. The direct back, the stomach in is tucked. The nape, shovels, the tailbone and heels have to be on one straight line.

Hands are freely located along the body. Feet firmly stand on the rug. Feel the mountain which nothing is able to force to move a little. On the breath turn palms outside (the so-called opened palms) and slowly raise hands over the head. Fingers last up. On the exhalation return palms to the home position and lower hands. Make 6 breaths exhalations. 

It is convenient to do bendings of the pose of the mountain to the left and to the right. Extend the right hand before yourself (the palm looks to the left, but not down) and lift over the head. Slightly incline the hand and the top part of the trunk to the left. Turn the head and the breast towards the raised hand. Make 2 breaths exhalations. On the 3rd breath become straight, and on the exhalation lower the hand. Too most in other party. This exercise improves air exchange in lungs and also brings oblique muscles of the stomach into the tone. 

3. Pose of repentance (worship)

Strike the mountain pose. Put palms on hips. Slightly bend legs in knees. Slowly bend forward. Extend hands and clasp anklebones or legs under knees. Without tearing off hands, straighten the back and legs so as far as your level allows flexibility. On the breath, without tearing off hands, last up, straightening shoulders and straining the back. On the exhalation bend, trying to press the head to legs. The back is relaxed. After the 6th exhalation slowly rise, revealing as the flower. The head rises the last.

4. Lunges

The second of problems of yoga in house conditions is considered development of flexibility and the extension of muscles. From the mountain pose slowly bend forward, put fingers on the floor. Bend knees so that palms completely laid down on the rug, and knees appeared at you around armpits. Recede the left leg back as it is possible further. Under the left knee enclose the towel folded four times. The knee and the anklebone of the right leg have to be on one straight line. Put both palms on the right knee and straighten the back, keeping balance. On the breath tuck the stomach in, on the exhalation slightly sink down to develop internal muscles of the right hip. After 6 breaths exhalations do exercise with other leg. 

5. Tree pose

Home position: standing (the mountain pose). Turn the right foot and the knee to the right and slowly bend, having arranged foot on the anklebone of the left leg. Then the sliding movements of foot (it is possible to help the hand), lift it to the level of the knee or inside of the hip. Foot of the left leg at the same time is pressed in the floor, the straight leg. If it is difficult for you to keep balance, put the chair with the high back at the left and lean on it the left hand. Slowly raise hands and arrange at the level of heart, palms are pressed to each other. If you look in one point before yourself, then be focused. If you "run" eyes, balance won't manage to be kept. Make 6 breaths exhalations. Repeat with other leg. 

6. Cobra pose

Initial position: reach the ventral decubitus. Hands are bent in elbows, elbows are pressed to the trunk, palms are located on both sides from the breast, the head is raised. Make 6 breaths exhalations. On the breath the thorax due to filling of lungs air itself will raise the top part of the trunk, and on the exhalation to lower. After this preliminary preparation, slowly rise on hands and make the deflection back. Record situation and make 6 breaths exhalations. On the last exhalation return to the initial position.

7. Child's pose

From the initial position of the cobra smoothly pass into the stance on all fours. Connect thumbs of both legs together, and part knees in the parties. Lower the case on heels, having left hands extended (or arrange them along the body as it is convenient to you). On the breath last fingers of hands forward. On the exhalation relax. Make 6 breaths exhalations

The finishing relaxation

From the pose of the child extend legs, taking the position lying. Turn over on a back. Let legs and hands lie freely. Close eyes and enjoy silence (or music). Lie down so minutes 10, without thinking of anything. 

It is simple to practice yoga in house conditions, poses can be alternated on the discretion: for example, to begin with the pose of the mountain and bendings. Main thing: not to forget it is correct to breathe and do everything slowly and with pleasure. Any discomfort: the bad mood, painful monthly, high temperature, etc. is the powerful occasion to cancel the training. 3 weeks of daily occupations later it is possible to add trainings with other, more difficult poses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team