How to pump up big bicepses

How to pump up big bicepses

Big bicepses were always considered as force indicator at men. The most widespread and the exercise loved by many athletes is the raising of the post or the dumbbell on the biceps. All beginners as soon as come to gym begin to do it. But whether it is possible to pump up really by means of it big bitsespa?

1. To pump up big bicepses it is necessary to approach training process systemically. Remember that it is impossible to have hands of the huge sizes if other muscles of the body are in rudimentary the state. You will be able to pump up bicepses, only when build up the general muscle bulk of the body. Otherwise all your efforts in gym will remain the useless waste of time. Remember that the main muscle bulk of the body is made by three groups of muscles: legs, back and breast. Surely perform exercises on the listed groups of muscles. It will give the powerful spur to growth of your results.

2. Remember that if you want to pump up muscle bulk, and, as a result, your bicepses, the training has to be under construction on continuous increase in loading in general exercises. Don't include in your complex more than 2-3 exercises for the training. It is the best of all to organize training process several times a week depending on your physical training. The number of approaches in one exercise shouldn't exceed - 5, and repetitions-8. Increase loading as follows: if you are able to do exercise in five approaches, and in each approach to execute 8 repetitions, then safely increase post weight by 3-5 kg. After that you try to obtain performance 5*8 already with the new weight. And so on. With growth of weight of burdening your mass and volume of the biceps will grow. Remember that if you will reap lying 150 kg, to be tightened with pancake weighing 25 kg and to squat from 180 kg. your bicepses won't be able just to remain small. They should grow. Don't forget that gradual increase in loading – your key to the rating of big bicepses.

3. Surely carry out squats with the post on shoulders. This exercise besides development of muscles of legs also stimulates growth of the general muscle bulk including bicepses. The fact is that when performing this exercise growth hormone (in the course of rest after the training) which is the necessary element for growth of your bicepses is actively emitted (and other muscles too).

4. Carry out the barbell bench press on the bench. Besides development of pectoral muscles this exercise develops also tricepses – muscles antagonists of the biceps. Surely carry out pulling up on the horizontal bar wide grip. Exercise develops the broadest muscles of the back and the biceps and it is useful that the muscle which is weaker is pumped up. I.e. if your back adapted to loading, and the biceps didn't, then it shakes. At the end of each training add raising of the post on the biceps. This exercise directly stimulates growth of the biceps and will allow "to finish" so already worked muscle. Surely change the grip in this exercise. It will allow to work both internal, and external heads of the muscle. It is also possible to perform exercise with the curved signature stamp. Raising of the post on the biceps can be alternated to alternate raising of dumbbells that will allow not to get used to your bicepses to the same exercises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team