How to pump up muscles standing

How to pump up muscles standing

For those who dream of beefy muscles of legs there is joyful news: these muscles usually shake very quickly and easily. To get the tightened and strong legs, it is regularly necessary to perform simple exercises and also to follow simple recommendations. So, how to pump up muscles standing?


1. Begin not only with the training hall: usual walking on foot on the ladder instead of use of the elevator perfectly strengthens the muscle of the hip and stimulates inflow of blood to muscles! You undergo several ladder flights few times in day – and approximately in several weeks you will feel notable results.

2. The bicycle – both usual, and the exercise bike in the gym – is simply irreplaceable if you want to pump up legs. Without aerobic loading – it burns excess fat anywhere and allows muscles "to appear"

3. Every morning perform simple exercise – it will help to pump up hip inside, and legs will cease to seem weak and thin. Get up exactly, feet have to be approximately shoulder width apart and look slightly in the parties. Now begin very slowly and, kind of feeling hip muscles, to rise on tiptoe. Also slowly fall by all foot. Repeat these actions at first 25 times, and gradually increase to whole 50.

4. "Scissors". This simple exercise will strengthen and will pump up not only muscles of legs, but also area of the lower press. Lay down on the back, raise legs approximately by 45 degrees, and begin to imitate them scissors, reducing and parting. It is very important to perform this exercise with completely straight legs, only in this case loading will be full. Also try to press the back as it is possible more densely to the floor.

5. Squats is the great way "to wake" blood supply of the lower body and legs, to muscles begins to flow blood and nutrients, they are quicker developed. Carry out till 20-30 squats twice a day, and you will see results soon! It is very important to carry out squats leaning on all area of foot, but not on tiptoe – hips, but not shins and calves will shake in that case.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team