How to put bindings on the snowboard

How to put bindings on the snowboard

The snowboard is bought. And soul already strains to be in action. The trifle remained – to fasten bindings. It is possible to fasten bindings in shop, there is always the person who is engaged in it. However and independently it is simple to make it, and time it will take no more than 5 minutes. But in order that during driving and to you, and to your legs it was convenient, it is necessary to follow several rules.

It is required to you

  • - snowboard;
  • - bindings with 8 screws and washers;
  • - big cross screw-driver.


1. Decide on the stance (what leg you will have ahead). If you the beginner, then for the best understanding slide standing from the small hill or just to the proskolzita ice. You anyway will have one of legs ahead.

2. Define distance, convenient for you, of disks of bindings or stance width between centers. Usually for this purpose measure distance from the floor to the middle of the patella and, as a rule, it coincides with distance of disks of the bindings established on average openings between centers (the small error in 4 centimeters is allowed). If your width is more than stance or less, just move apart or shift bindings. If bindings need to be delivered the close friend to the friend absolutely not much more, shift only back binding.

3. Snowboard bindings are put at an angle to the central axis of the board. In principle, you can choose the corner what is more convenient to you. But for novchik it is more preferable to develop the front leg by 15-20 degrees from the axis, back – 0 plus-minus of 5 degrees from the transverse axis. To calculate the corner, it is necessary to develop the binding disk by that number of degrees which is necessary for you (on disks there are special notches).

4. Now it is possible to fasten bindings. Each of them fastens on 4 screws by means of the cross screw-driver. It is necessary to tighten strong, but without drawing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team