How to remove excess fat by means of physical exercises

How to remove excess fat by means of physical exercises

Many girls dream of the slender and beautiful body. It is possible to remove excess fat, using the special set of exercises. In addition you shouldn't forget also about the correct healthy food allowance. Only in a complex approaching the problem, it is possible to solve it in short terms.


1. The cardiotraining – the most effective type of occupations. The similar training will allow to reduce as much as possible fat content in the organism. Besides weight loss, the cardiotraining will make favorable impact practically on all organism. These occupations increase working capacity and endurance, help to struggle with the stress and the depression, strengthen bone tissue, reduce risk of developing of atherosclerosis, increase the volume of lungs.

2. For performance of the first exercise get up directly, feet shoulder width apart. Raise hands up, without bending in elbows. Accurately sit down on hunkers and the sharp jump fall to the level by palms. Be wrung out from the floor, without bending the backbone. Also by means of the jump return to initial situation. Repeat exercise on 2 approaches of 8-10 times.

3. "Change of legs in the jump" will allow to involve muscles of hips as much as possible. Get up directly, legs together. Hands arrange parallel to the case of the body. Execute lunge by the right leg so that between the hip and calves the right angle was formed. Further replace position of legs the jump, having traded their places. Exercise should be performed within 2-3 minutes. If you want to increase loading, it is possible to pick up small dumbbells weighing 1.5-2 kg.

4. Not less effective exercise for weight loss is "the jump from the squat up". Feet arrange shoulder width apart. Bend hands with dumbbells in elbows at the level of the thorax. Sit down and sharply jump up up, having lifted dumbbells over the head. Landing, hands need to be lowered on thorax level again. Perform exercise within 1-2 minutes.

5. Get up in the initial position of the level. Straight legs on tiptoe arrange shoulder width apart. The main emphasis has to fall on forearms. Pay attention: elbows have to be in the home position strictly under shoulder joints. Gradually move the body back, without allowing the deflection in the waist. Make a start forearms. Slowly return to the home position. Repeat exercise of 10-15 times in 2 approaches.

6. Don't forget that run, rope jumping, occupations on the exercise bike or the racetrack, swimming also belongs to cardioloading. Whenever possible combine physical exercises with available types of cardioloading. For example, at work or at home climb on foot ladder flights, having refused the elevator. Don't ignore foot walks. Visit the pool. Only the integrated approach will allow to achieve the maximum result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team