How to remove excess fat from hands

How to remove excess fat from hands

In fight for the slim, tightened figure special attention usually is paid to the waist, hips, legs. But that the body was proportional and beautiful, it is necessary to be engaged in all parts of the body. And hands - not the exception. Excess fat on hands does them unattractive. People who have such problem are forced to carry things with long sleeves even in warm season, only to hide this shortcoming. And with excess fat deposits on hands it is necessary and it is possible to fight.

It is required to you

  • - healthy food;
  • - dumbbells and other weighting compounds;
  • - exercise machines
  • Make healthy food your vital principle. The correct diet - the indispensable condition of weight loss of hands, as, however, and any successful treatment of obesity.


1. It isn't recommended to go on the rigid diet directed to sharp reduction of weight as it is harmful to the organism. At considerable fat deposits on hands from fast weight loss ugly folds of which it will be very difficult to get rid can be formed, and at times without surgical intervention and it is impossible.

2. Exclude fast food, greasy, fried, spicy, smoked food from the diet, reduce quantity of flour products and sweet. Eat more vegetables, fruit, low-fat meat, fish better. On the advice of nutritionists, for complex weight loss without damage to health it is desirable to establish fractional to five - or six times food in the small portions and to drink 1.5-2 pure liters without gas.

3. Besides healthy nutrition, it is necessary to be active, to move, play much sports. Choose the available occupation optimum at problem hands. Sports walking, including with weighting compounds will help to burn excess fat deposits. Regularly you go in the fresh air at fast pace small steps, having taken in each hand cargo weight not exceeding 1 kg. You hold upper extremities a little bent, serially throw out them at the level of the shoulder forward. Visit the pool, when swimming the hand receive the necessary exercise stress.

4. If the main problem – full hands, it is necessary to pick up the set of exercises aimed at the development and strengthening of their muscle bulk. It is possible to be engaged on exercise machines in the gym. It is good to develop muscles of hands and the shoulder girdle the exercise machine imitating rowing by the boat will help, for example. Be engaged with the skilled coach who will develop the individual program for structuring the problem part of the body.

5. At impossibility of regular visit of gym it is possible to be engaged also at home. Begin with regular performance of simple exercises. To avoid injuries and stretchings, at the beginning of the training it is necessary to do warm-up of hands, necks, shoulders. For the neck: rotate and move the head in different directions, do bendings forward and back. For shoulders: do circular motions by shoulders, at first together, then serially, lift and lower them up and down.

6. To warm up hands, rotate them in different directions, do separate circular motions by brushes, put hands behind the back in the lock and be late in such situation for several seconds. Now it is possible to start directly the set of exercises. At first do several exercises without dumbbells. For example, put palms before yourself, as in the prayer. Elbows have to be parallel to the floor, the palm - at the level of the breast. With the force you press palms at each other within several seconds, then relax. Make several repetitions.

7. For achievement of the best result gradually add loading. It is possible to use dumbbells or the expander. If earlier you never practised with dumbbells, choose as with a their weight of 0.5 kg. Gradually, in process of strengthening of muscle bulk, weight can be increased.

8. Take dumbbells. Bend the right hand in the elbow, you bring dumbbells to the shoulder, unbend the hand. Do this exercise for the second extremity. It is possible to bend both hands at once. Perform exercise at slow, uniform pace. The second exercise: bend forward. Part hands in the parties, bend them in the elbow, bring dumbbells to the axillary hollow, unbend hands. And one more: extend hands with dumbbells up. Bending them in the elbow, bring closer dumbbells to shoulders, then straighten hands again. Perform each exercise from 10 to 20 times.

9. The effective way to structure upper extremities without dumbbells – push-ups. At their correct performance, fast combustion of fat on hands is provided. Besides, exercises strengthen sinews and joints. Basic rules: - for a start be wrung out from the wall, increasing the tilt angle; - find comfortable situation, having excluded hard lines and unnatural poses; - exactly hold legs and the torso, avoiding the lumbar deflection and the buttocks raised up; - to lower articulate loading, leave elbows a little bent; - hold legs together; - you breathe exactly.

10. If to cope with fat on hands the diet and physical exercises it isn't possible, it is possible to resort to the help of plastic surgery. As a result of operation it is possible to get rid of excess fat, of flabbiness of skin, to make the shape of hands more sculptural and beautiful. Address to clinic with faultless reputation, carefully weigh everything pros and cons. So, the lipoksation of hands is contraindicated: - to people to 18 and after 65 years; - at diseases of blood and vessels; - pathologies of the liver, kidneys, hearts; - sharp gastrointestinal diseases; - oncology; - skin defeats in the problem zone; - medicinal intolerance; - depression and other problems of nervous system.

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