How to strengthen kick of the fist

How to strengthen kick of the fist

Physical force and hard shot not identical concepts. The athlete absolutely imperceptible in appearance can have correctly put kick. The main thing is in good good mood - it is the proper technique. And it is necessary to work on this technique long and carefully.

  • - metal sledge hammer;
  • - boxing paws;
  • - help of the workmate;
  • - boxing paws;
  • - carpal expander;
  • - strictly recorded automobile tire;
  • - jump rope.

1. Constantly work with the carpal expander. Choose the most rigid copy what you will be able to find, and work alternately both hands. Squeeze the expander sharply, with the maximum application of force. This exercise will allow you to get rid gradually completely of subcutaneous fat on hands and as much as possible to develop interdigital muscles. As a result the weight of the fist will be more, and kick - is stronger.

2. If you don't practice prize-fighting, and fight barehanded, surely include in the training pliometrichesky push-ups on fists. Receive the lying support on fists, feet rest against the floor only socks. Slowly lower the case down, trying to touch by the floor breast. Then the sharp push you will throw out the trunk up and clap under the breast at the time of flight. Land strictly on fists. Such push-ups will develop force of the push of both hands, and bones of fingers will become more rough and insensitive to pain during striking a blow.

3. Perform exercises on development of the strong push by legs. Any kick begins the leg with the push. About 40% of force and sharpness of kick depend on this movement.

4. Daily carry out jumps through the jump rope with high simultaneous lifting of hips. Try to make a start from the floor sharply and strongly, jumping out up so that to touch by knees the breast.

5. Force of bicepses plays the last role in kick. It is rather on the contrary, strong sgibatel prevent to strike really knocking out blow. Learn to strike blows with the relaxed arm.

6. Obligatory exercise for all boxers are occupations with the sledge hammer. Take the strong all-metal sledge hammer and you strike it blows to the automobile tire driven in the earth or rigidly fixed in a different way. So you will achieve relaxation of bicepses and inclusion in work of those muscles which are necessary for striking a blow.

7. Working with the partner on paws, you strike the blow, so, as if you try to break the paw through. It is proved that just before achievement of the goal the movement of the hand slightly slows down, and kick loses the force. Therefore beat so as if the purpose which you seek to strike is 10-15 cm further.

8. Kick is carried out at the time of commission of rotary motion of the case and transfer of the support from the right leg on left. To put all centrifugal force of the case in kick, the contact of the purpose with the fist has to be made before you touch the floor by the left leg. Otherwise the most part of power of kick "will go to the floor".

9. The most hard shots are struck very quickly, so, that the opponent doesn't manage to see them and to react. The best way of working off of fast kicks is "shadow-fighting". Perform this exercise every day within 10-15 minutes.

10. Not to spend the kinetic force of the push, you watch that kick went from the shoulder. The elbow and the fist have to move in one plane.

11. Train to strike the blow, clenching the fist with the maximum force at the latest moment before contact on purpose. It will make kick rigid and "dry". Up to this point the hand have to be almost weakened. Work this skill at fast pace, alternating punches and the opened palm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team