How to stretch out for short term

How to stretch out for short term

Split – one of the most effective elements which shows flexibility and provides smoothness of movements. To master this exercise, it is regularly necessary to train. There are some nuances, considering which, you will stretch out much quicker.

It is required to you

  • table/support


1. Never you stretch out at once. It is possible to stretch muscles strongly. Surely warm them before occupations. It can be both the heat bath, and the warming massage, and walking. Trainings within several weeks have to be directed to preparation of your muscles. Performing usual exercises, pay bigger attention to extension of muscles of legs and the hip joint.

2. Execute swing movements by legs. This exercise is very effective. At the direct back and the support on one leg lift the second in the swing. It has to rise freely higher than the level of shoulders. Serially change legs. You watch the bearing.

3. Execute bendings, having put the leg on the support. To it can serve any, reaching to you the waist, the surface. Keep balance, try to bend as low as possible. Do the same with other leg. When performing this exercise there can be sensations of pain. Be not overzealous. Muscles and sinews become more elastic and stretch. Remember that they need time in order that they received the necessary state.

4. Quietly try to sit down on the straddle or forward split. Stop when you feel sensations of pain. You don't hurry, you hold the bearing. At the slightest change of your health for the worse or at emergence of any unpleasant feelings at once stop the training.

5. Perform all these exercises every other day within 30 minutes. Don't skip classes. Be adjusted on the end result. After the training use methods of the weakening massage, have a rest. Approximately in the week of trainings you will surely see result. Even if you for this term didn't manage to stretch out, be not upset: the purpose is close. Remember that the done exercises weren't in vain, and you already strongly succeeded on the way to your purpose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team