Kriyya-yoga — the description of practice of self-realization

Kriyya-yoga — the description of practice of self-realization

In beat the modern world people hard are given contemplate and static meditation. Kriyya-yoga is a way to clean the mind and a body, remaining mobile.

Let's consider features of Kriyya-yogi: what is it, as it is correct to begin the practice and what it is necessary for.

What represents Kriyya-yoga

Kriyya-yoga is the direction of spiritual and physical practice which is based on dynamic meditation. Concentration of mind is reached by movement of a physical body and consciousness from one point in another in a certain way.

Earlier secrets of exercises were transferred only from the teacher and the pupil or from the father to the son, but today knowledge of practice became available to general public. Everyone can plunge into the world Kriyi.

Whether you know? Lahiri Makhasaya who gained the knowledge from the Himalaya Saint who, according to the book Autobiography of the Yogi, keeps the physical body several millennia is considered the founder of this direction.

Direction purposes

Main goal of the one who chooses the path the practician — preparation in the broadest sense of this word.

The direction includes aspiration to:

  • to implicit following to the words of the guru;
  • to unification of experiences and worrying;
  • to moral development;
  • to development of Spiritual Consciousness;
  • mindfulness;
  • the highest, but not secular, kindness;
  • to the introduction on the Way of Wisdom;
  • to clarification of a body and soul;
  • to touch to the highest beauty.

The Kriyya-yogi directions are several dynastic lines which originate from Lahiri Makhasayi, and proceed till our time.

Practice merits and demerits

Kriyya has the following advantages:

  • does not demand a statics and purposeful concentration;
  • it is available to all: to children, men, women, elderly people;
  • improves health;
  • increases intellectual activity;
  • normalizes an emotional background;
  • develops will power;
  • helps to learn himself.

Get acquainted also with such practicians as Anuloma Viloma, Bandh's Mule, Jalandhar a bandha, Fly of the yogi, Siddhasana, Yama-Niyama, Akroyoga, Bkhakti, Prana yoga, Sadhan, Kundalini, Uddiyan of a bandh.

It is possible to distinguish from not numerous shortcomings:

  • need of constants practician and free time: Kriyya-yoga will not suit people who cannot allocate a part of day for exercises daily owing to social obligations;
  • it is only independently possible to study practice elements to step further, the help of the guru is necessary.

Five branches of Kriyya-yogi

Distinguish five branches of Kriyya-yogi:

  • Kriyya-Hatkh. Physical exercises which include performance of a certain pose of a body together with gestures of a hand.
  • Kriyya-Kundalini Pranayama. Technology of breath for circulation of energy between all 7 chakras thanks to which, movements receive a response from the Universe.
  • Kriyya-Dhyana. Meditations, clarification from noise.
  • Kriyya-Mantra. Repetition of sounds which replace with themselves internal noise.
  • Kriyya-Bkhakti. Set of activities for service Divine.

Practice of yoga

Kriyi base are exercises which have to practice on 2 times daily. The number of repetitions and number of the carried-out asanas is chosen individually, but the order is very important.

Important! Practice of asanas has to be carried out in full silence and also where you will not be disturbed.

Besides exercises, daily practice includes:

  • hour of reflections about universal Spirit, excitement in high-spiritual feelings and desires;
  • refusal of alcohol, smoking and other addictions;
  • mindfulness in words, refusal of excess chatter;
  • correct breath;
  • bathings and ablution;
  • transition to natural food, refusal of meat.

Even practicing only obligatory exercises, the person begins to feel better. But, to reach mindfulness, it is necessary to try to reduce secular pleasures, opening to the real human values.

Whether apprenticeship is necessary

Kriyya gains popularity thanks to the availability: each person can touch ancient knowledge, carrying out the equipment in house conditions. To some people such level suffices. In that case, the stage of apprenticeship does not come.

It is important! As approves Paramakhans Yoganand, the author of the book Autobiography of the Yogi, real Kriyya is not given while the person does not begin to practice other highest technicians.

After the practician who is looking for himself in Kriyi some independent experience gains, it needs the master who could help it with development of the following phases of self-knowledge: in-depth study of breath — a pranayama, power the technician, etc. Initiation in pupils happens when the person is ready to it.

Sequence of performance of kriya

In the treatise Autobiography of the Yogi which is considered a basis of all doctrine, it is emphasized that kriy have to be carried out in a certain sequence: knots of a karma need to be untied one by one.

Exercises are recorded on time: everyone kriyya has to last exactly 75 seconds, or be carried out exact number of times: 27, 54, 81, 108.

Practice is carried out daily, for 27, 54, 81, 108 days, then take a break, respectively, in 5, 8, 11, 14 days.

Important! Gradually, when the person learns himself by practice of Kriyya-yogi, he begins to feel the sequence which was more suitable for itself in which carries out kriy, and becomes capable to reconstruct it.

Main stages of practice

Kriy are divided into 4 stages (or a circle):

  • entrance kriy.
  • main kriy.
  • the second circle.
  • power kriy.

Entrance kriy are an initial stage which helps to find concentration of mind. Push-ups in a level, inclinations, rotations by the building belong to them.

The main kriy are carried out after entrance and include more difficult and various asanas on an extension.

The second circle and power Kriyya-yoga are not suitable for beginners. These technicians are not intended for independent study. This stage is passed at an apprenticeship stage.

Whether you know? Researches which were conducted by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal in 2016 showed that only in America more than 36 million people practice yoga.

Entrance kriy

Entrance kriy represent the following complex:

  1. You lay down, having put emphasis on hands. Be wrung out, holding the breath for comfortable time.
  2. Bend forward, touching floor hands. Do not strain the case.
  3. Become straight, legs — at distance of 30-40 cm. Hands are parallel to a floor. Being bent in a waist, you twist the case.

Main kriy

The main kriy are carried out as follows:

  1. You sit down, take hands in a key and bend to a floor.
  2. You sit down, fasten hands with the lock. Rotate hands and the case.
  3. You sit down, bend a back and unbend back.
  4. Sit down, cave in to the right-to the left.
  5. You sit down, incline the head and you get it back.
  6. You sit down, clasp the straightened legs. You get the head back and lower.
  7. You sit down, clasp the straightened legs. Shake from one hip on another.
  8. You sit down, shake the case.
  9. You lay down on a back, take the bent legs for anklebones. Lift and lower a waist and buttocks.
  10. You lay down on a back, put legs of a stupnyama up so that the back was between them. Tear off a waist from a floor and lower.
  11. You go down on all fours, curve a back, and then bend as a cat.
  12. You go down on all fours, bring a knee to a breast, and then throw for a back.
  13. You kneel, having leaned on the head. Bend a back.
  14. You lay down on the bent knees. Put wrists of hands in the lock behind, put a forehead on a floor.
  15. You kneel, having leaned on the head, having clasped it with hands. Bend and unbend knees, then serially raise them.
  16. You sit down between a foot. Become straight, tear off the case from the earth and lower back.

Practice of Kriyya-yogi is something bigger, than the list of exercises.

Whether you know? Work of doctor Paul B. Rizzol, under the name The Decision at Migraine, showed decrease in intensity of symptoms of this disease after 3 months of regular trainings of yoga.

Passing through this way daily and wholeheartedly, you not only get healthier, but also will be able to know better yourself, it does not occur quickly. Remember that the main thing — mindfulness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team