Paragliding — the sport is on the ball bird's flight

Paragliding — the sport is on the ball bird's flight

Paragliding – sport which is carried out due to flights on the paraplane. The paraplane presents itself the wing in a big way in ten meters in the ellipse form which is operated at the expense of attached to it the sling. Everyone the sling which can seem the thread maintains about 150-200 kg.

The paraplane flies without engine. To rise into the sky, the wing should catch only the ascending stream which fills it at the expense of two-layer tissue of the wing. The paraglider pilot on this stream for hours can fly and fly by several kilometers. The paraplane develops in the same way, as well as the parachute which is convenient for carrying with itself.

It is worth remembering that paragliding – extreme sport which means danger to which it is always necessary to be ready. This sport depends on the pilot more, than on the paraplane. The main thing, how adequately the pilot assesses the situation, the opportunities, meteoconditions, the aspiration to pokoreniye of new heights too tightens and it is possible to lose vigilance.

In spite of the fact that sports paraplanes gather speed to 65 km/h, you shouldn't fly at the maximum speed. Optimum speed of the paraplane – 22 km/h. The fact is that at the increased speed, flight becomes the most dangerous therefore the wing can develop that respectively will lead to irreversible consequences.

It is necessary to watch the speed of the paraplane carefully. If speed is lower admissible, under the dome the necessary amount of the ascending air doesn't get therefore, the wing begins to develop, but nevertheless tries to compensate the missing stream and is crossed forward, regulating speed. It happens because of its flexibility, but in case of folding, it is necessary to take management in hand and "to catch" air. On average, on rolling paraplanes, when flying with the instructor, time of flight is about 15-20 minutes. It is possible to fly many kilometers – the world record was set on 423 kilometers.

Paragliding - interesting and extreme sport, but the paraplane – expensive pleasure. Cost fluctuates from 300 to 3000 euros. Such difference in cost depends on the producer, making covered also other consumables. Service life of the paraplane reaches three years as for production of the wing soft tissues for ease of the aircraft are used. Also under the influence of sunshine, fabric spoils, becomes less strong and flexible.

It is necessary to understand all responsibility of this sport, especially, if the paraglider pilot wants to become the instructor. In that case he will be responsible not only for the life, but also for lives of other people. It should be notedIt should be noted that following all safety regulations – many lethal outcomes it is possible to avoid.

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