Sport during monthly: yes or no?

Sport during monthly: yes or no?

Girls who conduct active life practically always ask a question whether it is possible to play sports at monthly, in particular, on exercise machines. Unpleasant symptoms of critical days which involve all fears concerning physical activities are the reason of it. Let's try to understand this subject.

Sport and menstrual cycle: dependence

Periods are a result of hormonal regulation. One of hormones, progesterone, initiates a congestion in liquid fabrics in this connection the tone of muscles weakens and, respectively, the endurance and force decreases. It also becomes the reason that monthly it is quite difficult to woman to transfer sprint and power loadings to the first days during sports, in blood still there is a lot of progesterone and not enough estrogen. Due to the loss of quite large volume of blood the hemoglobin level at the girl falls that also affects endurance. Approximately for the third or fourth day the slackness and weakness which were tested by the woman begin to disappear. Estrogen in bigger quantity gets to blood, the physical endurance and force, respectively, increase.

Important! Exercises on an extension in the first days monthly are successful very well. Besides such occupations are extremely useful and are recommended for performance.

Whether it is worth being engaged?

To help to define whether it is possible to work out during monthly, the health of the girl owes. If she badly feels, then it cannot be a question of sport. But also the stable state is not a reason for an organism overload too.

When it is possible

Whether it is so possible to do exercises during monthly? According to experts if during periods the woman does not feel any discomfort, in the bottom of a stomach there is no nagging pain and also there are no contraindications and chronic diseases, then it is possible to do physical exercises. It is important not to be overzealous at the same time.

It will be interesting to you to learn about exercise level, about advantage of run and as it is correct to be engaged kallanetiky for advantage of the organism.

That is it is possible to make less approaches or the smaller number of repetitions, than usually. In case there is a feeling of light weakness, it is possible to try stretching or yoga, Pilates.

Whether you know? In India, namely in its rural areas, women in the period of periods are not allowed to touch idols not to profane them, it is also impossible to cook food, and still it is forbidden to process cucumbers, otherwise they will surely decay.

When it is impossible

If chronic diseases take place in the girl's life, then it has to be the powerful cause to refuse visit of gym during critical days. Answering a question why it is impossible to play sports during monthly, it is necessary to remember that during this period intra belly pressure rises, so, there is a risk of an otsloyka of endometrium. Besides these days the immunity goes down approximately for 50% so excessive loadings useful will hardly be.

How to be prepared for a training

If after all the girl decided to visit the gym, then costs will be prepared for it to avoid not absolutely pleasant situations during the training. It is desirable to put on dark sports pants; it is better to postpone shorts and leggings the next day. Occupation is recommended to be begun with an extension. It is also important to drink enough clear water to avoid organism dehydration.

Whether you know? The primary number of girls during monthly can lose about 250 ml of blood. Volume depends on intensity and duration of the period of critical days.

Useful tips

Playing sports during critical days, it is recommended:

  • to drink a large amount of water — it will be so possible to fill the lost liquid;
  • it is desirable for coffee and Coca not to drink, especially before performance of exercises as caffeine can increase pain which is caused monthly;
  • to feel more surely and comfortably, before a campaign to the gym it is the best of all to use a tampon;
  • for critical days you should not plan to set up in gym any sports records by the number of approaches or size of weight. The training has to be moderate and quiet.

It is important! If the girl suffers from painful periods, then it is necessary to consult with the doctor on sport during monthly whether it is possible to carry out any physical exercises during this period.

Apparently, to play sports during critical days it is admissible. It is important to listen and hear the organism at the same time. You should not perenagruzhat yourself and to exhaust at a training. It is better to be engaged moderately and with pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team