Thin bodies and human body

Thin bodies and human body

of us well know that it is possible to learn the world by means of organs of vision, hearing and charm. Our nervous system which studies and remembers any data on the physical world is responsible for it. But, in addition, the person develops spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and psychologically. The so-called thin system — the power supply system consisting of seven power covers inherent in each person is responsible for the listed four factors of development. In this article we will talk about power covers of a human body and we will open all essence of this concept of the psychospiritual world of living beings.

Thin human bodies, definition

The thin human body is the invisible power cover consisting of 7 thin systems. It is known to each esotericist and the yogi, esoteric knowledge confirms the fact that, besides a physical body, 7 more thin bodies helping it to enter harmony with own emotions, feelings, thoughts are inherent in the person. It is considered that several layers of the upper thin bodies make immortal shape of the person. Internal thin covers after biological death disappear, and at the time of reincarnation new will be formed.

Each thin body copes chakra, and everything together they make multi-colored aura of the person. B. Brennan says that power covers of living beings penetrate their physical bodies as if water impregnates a sponge. By the way, Brennan's theory about 7 power covers will most authentically be agreed with all esoteric knowledge.

Important! The modern science disproves existence of human aura. According to her, thoughts are not capable to go beyond a human brain.

Types of thin bodies

Originally it would be desirable to note that thin bodies are located in a certain order as if colors of the rainbow in the postrain sky. And each of them bears a certain function for power supply system of living beings.

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The physical body (material) is only a necessary measure for existence on this planet. It helps a human soul to learn everything by means of biological nervous system around. The physical body is one of seven covers which are available to a review to human organs of vision. The brain, heart, a liver and other bodies perform the temporary function in the biological system of the person, help it to fulfill the purpose in the existing terrestrial program.

Physical functions allow soul to prove, show the emotional and psychological characteristics in an image of a big organism. The physical body serves only as a temporary cover as a hobby, and after death the biological system changes on another — absolutely new, but with similar characteristics.


The radio body is directly tied with physical and is responsible for a condition of his biological health. The person who has a strong radio power cover has powerful immunity, without problems overcomes all diseases, looks vigorous, capable to plunge at any time into an ice-hole. This cover can be normalized or broken the wrong sexual communication, bad food. By health of a physical body of people first of all it is obliged to a radio cover. By the way, she helps our organism to endure difficult operations and crises therefore she is in the center of attention of doctors during difficult rehabilitation.

Whether you know? In the world there are no more than one thousand people having the developed Buddhichesky power cover for 100%.

The person, whose radio power cover weak or broken, has bad immune protection, constantly is ill, looks unfortunate and not well-groomed. To him there is an instinctive wish to show pity, to help money, to warm and feed.


The astral power aura is the third power cover of living beings. She is responsible for emotional excitability: experiences, fear, anger, joy. It is considered that the third cover is much more mobile and more sensitive, than the previous power levels. Therefore the astral body is often called the protective mechanism of physical and biological structure of the person.

People, whose astral power cover is strong, can easily be excited, feel others emotions, give in to sympathy and the general panic. But it does not mean at all that such persons of no character, absolutely not, they are just very strong in the emotional plan. Those at whom the astral body is injured often show indifference to the world surrounding them. They cannot feel by means of an astral cover in a physical body all those experiences which are inherent in astrals. It is considered that the astral cover dies only for the 40th day after the biological death of the person.

Among extended the practician of yoga it is necessary to call Ayengar, the Mandala, Anuloma-Viloma, the Mule of a bandh, Jalandhar of a bandh, Uddiyana of a bandh, an akroyoga, kapalabkhat.


The mental body displays our thoughts, logic, knowledge. In the course of stay on this planet we learn everything around ourselves, we remember, we put certain picture about all real. The mental aura is also responsible for our beliefs and steady thoughts. Some Ancient Greek philosophers were convinced that our brain is not capable to form the ideas, thoughts also will catch new knowledge. All base is stored in a biofield of the person, from where, actually, the brain also obtains information. This information is already processed, and a problem of a brain is only to carry her by means of impulses to concrete body or the system of a biological basis. From this it follows that the brain is not body of creation of thoughts, feelings and memories, it only connects consciousness, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Important! The spiritual power cover can reveal fully only after the individual becomes on the way of purposeful service to God.

The mental aura is the means of communication of physical and inner world. She dies for the 90th day after biological death. All four above thin human bodies die together with its biological structure. Only about what we will tell below give in to regeneration.


The causal or karmic body is an immortal component of human aura. It does not perish at biological death, and regenerates in the course of reincarnation. Until this process occurs, the karmic power cover together with other immortal thin covers goes to the thin world. Causal thin aura is responsible for all our acts and actions, it trains a material body, corrects its logical errors in the course of activity.

The karmic power layer is called still the spiritual tutor. Many philosophers are deeply convinced that this power layer accumulates experience in each of biological lives for the further embodiment in something more high-emotional and ideal.


The Buddhichesky thin aura is the beginning of spiritual consciousness. She is responsible for the highest unconscious processes which do not give in to our thought processes in a biological brain. The Buddhichesky power cover belongs to everlasting peace of values which at this vital stage extend to any biological subject.

Many people have legends that reincarnation happens according to certain logical conclusions of immortal thin bodies. They are the supreme bodies of thinking, and the human brain can simply not learn it. After regeneration of soul it gets to the concrete place on the planet where it needs to carry out a certain task, having plunged into a biological body. Therefore esoterics is sure that it is necessary to die in the same place where was born. And the buddhichesky thin aura is responsible for all this.


The most ideal, divine body, God's spark. Esoterics and philosophers claims that the atmichesky power cover represents the highest authority which communication happens directly to the Principal Reason without participation of a biological brain and nervous system.

Whether you know? The first principles of esoterics were underlain by Aristotle and Platon.

Our planet in the Solar system and in the Universe in general, owing to the asymmetry and global climatic, economic, biological and tectonic processes, has own aura which contacts atmichesky aura of the person, scoops from it information and receives also.

What gives development of thin bodies

Development of each of thin bodies gives the privileges to a biological being. Depending on what cover you will develop, it is possible to receive the following:

  • Physical. Development will help to enhance health, force, confidence in tomorrow, the protective mechanism from a set of diseases.
  • Radio. The development of a blood system allowing to escape from severe frosts in the winter and with ease to endure an intolerable heat of summer days.
  • Astral. Allows to disclose emotional perfection, to influence positively itself and others. Search of a spiritual ideal in this world develops, emotions are in the correct course, there are no sharp differences of mood of biological objects.
  • Mental. Mentally developed personality begins to understand more deeply all events in this world. Processes of thinking accelerate, knowledge, the permeability in earlier unknown things sharply increases. Such person simply begins to think quicker, and silly thoughts forever abandon him.
  • Causal. Allows to disclose fully such difficult characteristics of biological objects as influence on the mass of people, creativity and the power.
  • Buddhicheskoye. Development will help to be cleaned from delusions and ignorance in this world. Buddhicheski the developed persons are able to understand Spiritual Laws and to use them.
  • Atmicheskoye. Very seldom develops in biological subjects. The developed persons are close to Atmicheski to an ideal, they are creators of new religions or exercises.

How to develop thin bodies

For development of thin bodies it is necessary to change a way of life, thoughts and actions:

  • It is necessary to develop the corresponding chakras. For example, at mental activity the mental power cover will develop.
  • Learn technology of enrollment and the direction of the corresponding energy. Such technicians are offered by many esoteric exercises.
  • The correct way of life which leads to harmonious spiritual and physical development: sports, emotional trainings, trainings, the weighed brainwork.
  • Removal from chakras of the negative destroying and blocking impacts. Individual work with the spiritual healer is for this purpose necessary.
  • Healthy nutrition, without consumption of rough food which is capable to litter human aura.
  • Purity of thoughts, spiritual steadiness, occupation yoga.

Important! Sakhasrara — the makushechny chakra which is responsible for communication of the Thin world and God.

Now you know what the thin body consists of and as to develop it. In the physical world it is important to have a strong spiritual component which will help with fight against various psychoemotional conflicts in itself and not only.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team