The best time for trainings

The best time for trainings

what time of day it is better to train? It depends on a set of factors among which: habits, schedule of work, day regimen, etc. We submit to your attention the list of things to which it is necessary to pay attention:


  • If you work 8 hours a day, the training will be hard test in the mornings. You should get up on an hour earlier. It means that you will need to collect all the will in a fist not to switch-off the alarm clock under a pretext I will be trained in the evening or tomorrow.
  • Unlike day and evening trainings, during the morning trainings nobody will disturb you and household chores will not prevent.
  • To disperse a dream, the training perfectly will approach in the mornings.
  • The morning training is much more effective in respect of combustion of excess fat. The thing is that in a night the glycogen level in blood goes down, and the organism derives strength from subcutaneous fat.
  • The morning training increases metabolism that allows to burn more calories for day.
  • In the morning the organism works for full force, trainings more productive.
  • It is the best of all to run in the morning: in the morning air is polluted least of all, and air temperature most is optimum.
  • Some experts consider that morning trainings strongly load heart, damage vessels and capillaries.


  • In the middle of the working day the rest is necessary for a brain. The training is an excellent means to vanish and pribodritsya.
  • Occupations in a lunch break can easily become a habit. You can train together with the colleagues.
  • The day training increases inflow of blood to a brain, doing the person cleverer.
  • It is the best of all to train in two hours till 4-5 in the evening as at this time in an organism there is a peak of level of hormones and body temperature. At this time it is the best of all to build muscles and to train endurance.
  • Try not to train on the street in hot time of day – it can negatively affect health. If health allows, you can increase the level of endurance, training during a heat.
  • Temporary restrictions (lunch break) will reduce efficiency of your training.
  • At noon pulmonary activity the worst.


  • Evening training – a great way to unload brains after the unlucky working day, to remove stress, psychological and physical fatigue.
  • But there is not always time for an evening training. Sometimes there is a wish to go for a walk with friends, to go to the cinema, etc.
  • Most of people train just in the evening, it affects freshness of air in the gym and formation of lines to exercise machines.
  • The events which took place in a day can not allow you to train effectively.
  • To sleep tight, it is not desirable to train several hours prior to a dream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team