Press a bar lying"

Press a bar lying"

a breast lying – one of the general exercises applied to development of a pectoral muscle. There is a set of types of this draft which work for separate parts of a breast, connecting at the same time deltoid muscles and tricepses. 

Technology of performance:

  • We choose a horizontal bench then we lay down on it a back. The head, shoulders and buttocks are densely pressed to a surface, the back is a little bent, and legs strong rest against a floor that there was a support which will help hands to keep balance at a bar raising.
  • We lift a bar from the machine to the maximum raising. Hands are directed as much as possible up, the signature stamp is at the level of a breast.
  • On equal amplitude we lower a bar down to contact of a thorax at the level of a breath then we hold the breath for 1-2 seconds and we return a signature stamp in initial situation. Elbows are in parallel bars, are not bent.

Some types of exercise:

  • If you do a press by a bar, lying on an inclined bench, then depending on the level of rise different departments of muscles work. At position of the head trunks are higher – the top departments of a breast work, at the lower situation – the lower departments of the head. The last exercise is not recommended to be carried out in the presence of arterial hypertension.
  • Other performance – a press dumbbells which unlike general exercise by a bar, affects muscles in a different way and a little more qualitatively, studying their fibers. Height of a raising and lowering is much more.

You should not forget that performance of a press lying with a rack and big scales it is necessary to carry out with the insuring partner as there is a great opportunity for traumatization. Usually carry out a press on 10 times in 3-4 approaches. These are basic data which should be increased over time. Than more than the weight less repetitions – force of muscles increases, than it is less than weight more repetitions – endurance of muscles. The first is used for growth of muscle bulk, and the second – for a zasushka. However at reception of proteins, amino acids and creatine – muscles will grow in both cases.

Some bodybuilders recommend to use several auxiliary objects:

  • Elastic bandage – recommend to those who have weak sinews and sheaves. Wind usually wrists.
  • The Zhimovy undershirt – is used for power performance of exercise.
  • The belt – is recommended to Zhimova for reduction of traumatization when performing exercise.

Be not afraid to carry out a press lying with more difficult scales. It is necessary when you already work hard with the same weight during the long time. Create a stress for a muscle and it will help you to break weight barriers.

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