Usain Bolt - the geneticist and the biography

Usain Bolt - the geneticist and the biography

Usain Bolt at the moment is the fastest person on the planet. He seventeenfold the world champion and the holder at least eight nobody the broken world records. He achieved the success in many respects thanks to natural potential.


Its growth is 195 centimeters weighing 94 kilograms. Almost ideal ratio taking into account that it has no subcutaneous fat. At the vast majority of the athletes who are engaged in run, fat percent minimum. To the one who runs just not favourably to have the excess body weight as it is excess load of sheaves and joints.

Usain Bolt is the runner on short distances. At any marathoner with the same growth, weight would be at most 80 kg. The sprinter always has more expressed muscle bulk, it is much bigger. This results from the fact that at runners on short distances fast, explosive muscle fibers, as a rule, prevail. In turn they very well give in to accumulation of volumes, and at marathoners slow, hardy fibers which very badly grow prevail.

For Useyt's growth, his muscle bulk with small percent of fat is really huge. It looks unconventionally, not as the ordinary sprinter with low interest of fat. On average, it is higher, than any person from his discipline. It gives it advantage in the speed as it has longer levers. His long hands also don't stand aside, in run all extremities are important, hands perform the balancing and accelerating function.

Its plus are his thin bones. It is distinctive feature of most of athletes, having thin bones in legs, the athlete runs quicker. With marathoners the situation is in the same way, it isn't favorable to it to have thick bones in legs, excess resistance with air will interfere with development of bigger speed.

Biography and achievements

Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica. It is quite poor country in which all teenagers saw the only exit "to fight the way to the top" - well to play soccer. That is all since the early childhood began to play this game and hoped that sometime they will be redeemed by some club, and they will depart to America. Children didn't see other opportunity in this country.

Therefore Usain in the same way played football. But at the time found out that runs very quickly against the background of the peers. Found for it application later, people understood that if to train him further, then it will achieve grandiose results. He received the first achievements, especially without being engaged in the future direction, that is track and field athletics. He still played soccer.

Its most known records are runnings on 100 and 200 meters. Ran 100 meters of Bolte in 9:57 seconds, and 200 - in 19:19 seconds. These are short distances, high-speed and power development of skill. This athlete proved to be in this discipline because of abundance of fast muscle fibers and growth, unlike his opponents.

 Though in many respects, to the achievements Usain Bolt is obliged to genetic predisposition, but he managed to get out of the poor country and to show the name to the whole world. First of all its persistence and commitment played the crucial role in life. Everyone can achieve worthy result, it is necessary to make efforts only!

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