Where to surfboard

Where to surfboard

The surfing is occupation for those who love the extreme. Merging with the huge storming wave in the single whole, feeling cool splashes of water on the face, to feel only the small board under legs – it is fine.

Surfing history

The surfing appeared several centuries ago. Polynesia became its homeland. James Cook the first told Europe about this occupation after the travel in the Pacific Ocean on the islands of Polynesia. There he saw how natives arranged themselves risky entertainment – connected by ropes trunks of trees, and the turned-out rafts started on the wave. They quickly climbed up these rafts and literally rode waves.

The surfing extended outside native islands thanks to Hawaiian Duke Kakhanamok. He was the professional in this sport and competed at swimming competitions.

In 1960-1970 the surfing became very popular sport among youth. Then it got also into cinema, having become the symbol of freedom and independence of the person. At the same time there were longboards – long strong surfboards.

Surfers of that time even opened own beach style of music – the surf fate (surf).

Where it is possible to surfboard

The European surfing arose in Gironde (southwest France, region Aquitaine). The period from September to November is the best time for driving in this area. Here resorts are open for the professional and beginning surfers. In later months it is also possible to ride, but in diving suits. The Basque Country (northern Spain) attracts surfers from around the world. In San Sebastian, large training centers are constructed. Water in these parts very warm, the best season for surfing – September-October. Magnificent waves fill all Atlantic coast, especially to Algarva and Penishe (Portugal). In the summer there are too much tourists therefore it is better to surfboard in the fall and in the spring. Dominican Republic also remains one of perfect places for sea entertainments and any water sports. On the beach it is possible to rent equipment and the equipment and also to use services of the instructor. Hawaii – the place where rode boards from time immemorial. Wave height changes seasonally. In the winter only experienced athletes as waves reach unknown heights are recommended to ride. Croatia is suitable especially for the beginning surfers. Around the tremendous nature, and on the beach is all necessary for surfing, including, and instructors. It is possible to find not only excellent waves, but also the large number of shops with special equipment for surfing in the city of Kutu (Bali).

In all cafes the cities of Kuta are often shown round by broadcasts of competitions in this sport.

If there is no opportunity to go so far, it is possible to surfboard in Rostov. Here this occupation is still rather young, but the set of sports clubs and centers in which persons interested are trained in surfing elements is already opened.

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