How to learn the go-go

How to learn the go-go

Public educational institution-go is the fast and dynamic dance executed under club music on heels. It is simple to dance the go-goa, and the proper technique will allow to move beautifully under any music.

It is required to you

  • - footwear on heels;
  • - audio system;
  • - the fitting training clothes;
  • - mirror.


1. Choose suitable music. Public educational institution-go is danced under fast, rhythmical club styles - the house or the trance, sometimes under dynamic pop music. In the picked-up tracks there has to be the accurate rhythm, effects of delay and acceleration of the melody.

2. Public educational institution-go is the constant movement. During dance it is impossible to stand still. Begin to dance with usual pereminaniye legs and steps forward and in the parties - do it in the step to music and add small swing by the building.

3. Connect hips. Describe them the amplitude eights, small circles or do dynamic kicks in the parties. Combine movements by hips with steps.

4. If you mastered the previous steps, time to work as hands. During the fast moments they move sharply and rhythmically, during slow describe smooth waves. Try not to lower hands too low - in dance to the go-go wide movements in the top plane beautifully look. Don't forget about steps.

5. In the slow moments of music it is possible to receive beautiful poses, to do waves by the body or hips, arms swings and hair. During the slow part don't forget to move, but it is more plastic. Use this time to take breath.

6. Think up about five basic movements and combine them in various combinations. Public educational institution-go is the improvisation therefore every time add something new to elements. Examples of basic movements: - steps with kicks by hips; - waves the case with the hands sliding around the body; - pereminaniye from the leg on the leg with lowering and raising of the case; - kicks by the breast forward with squat and raising of the case; - eights hips with squat and transition to the wave by the building.

7. The standard exit to the go-go lasts about 15 minutes. Therefore don't begin dance with dynamic, rapid movements. At first be warmed, make several ordinary elements. Give all the best on full in 3-5 minutes after the beginning of the performance. In a few minutes usually the slow part of the track where you can have a rest follows. Then again fast music plays.

8. You watch the mimicry in dance. Public educational institution-go has to light crowd, it is necessary to smile, flash the eyes, to pass mood of music. However you shouldn't sing the words of the track - it looks ugly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team