Why fighters have ears as pelmeni

Why fighters have ears as pelmeni

Characteristic distinctive feature of many fighters are the broken ears. Russia compares them to pelmeni, in Europe – to the cauliflower. It is considered that the broken ears are the professional trauma in free-style wrestling. Quite often such trauma arises also in classical, to Greco-Roman wrestling, is more rare – at boxers.


1. The fracture of auricles – result of close contact of fighters with each other when the head of one of them appears in tough power capture it, being released, can injure the auricle. The cranium in the constant movement and captures maintains quite big squeezings which hryashchik are absolutely incapable to sustain. At the groin protector cartilage break in the place of the gap under skin liquid is emitted. It, stiffening, also takes the most various forms.

2. Usually at the break of the auricle it is recommended to see the doctor immediately. But not always medical care is provided in due time. Moreover, the qualified treatment of such trauma means periodic procedures of pumping out of internal liquid. And before the end of treatment by fight it is necessary to forget about occupations. That in the course of preparation for competitions or during the competitions absolutely inadmissibly for the sporsmen. Then he consciously refuses treatment or shelves it.

3. Except the broken ears of fighters can trap also other injuries – stretchings, bruises, dislocations, the injured noses and even changes. And, as well as any trauma, the auricle fracture brings many problems subsequently. Except impartial appearance, at advanced age the ears begin to hurt. The aching pain constantly accompanies the former fighter in the morning and at differences in weather. At touch to ears the sensations of pain will only amplify, even after the athlete stops trainings. It will be impossible to use small earphones as they just won't be located in the deformed ear.

4. Recently the cosmetology medicine stepped far ahead and can correct deformation of the auricle irrespective of as far as zastaret the change. It costs expensive, of course, and allows to correct only appearance, but is quite popular with the fighters leaving the professional ring.

5. The fracture of the auricle can be got, without being engaged in fight or boxing, and having just got rather severe bruise. At the same time the auricle will swell up and will receive crimson-blue color. The place of the change or rupture of the cartilage will strongly hurt. The ear at the same time can't be touched and the more so to try to set independently the cartilage. It is possible to impose the cold compress or the bubble with ice on the struck area. At injury of skin to grease edges of the wound with iodine and to apply the aseptic bandage. To see as soon as possible the doctor.

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