Workout as sport

Workout as sport

From the English Workout – the training to train. For the first time workout appeared not so long ago – in 2008 in America, and initially positioned itself not as sport, and as ordinary physical trainings, work on the body and spirit.


Trainings are generally held on streets, on sports grounds. But there are also covered areas, especially they are demanded in cold and rainy weather. Many train together with friends, thereby supporting and helping each other. In some exercises even the help of the partner is necessary. Trainings are based on use of body weight and improvised stock, but without additional weighting. So, for example, practically all trainings are held by means of bars, benches, horizontal bars and rings.

Principles of training

It is necessary to tell that for these athletes of their occupation – not the profession and not the hobby, but the lifestyle, its integral part. First, vorkauter adhere to east philosophy. They don't put themselves in comparison with other people, and rely only on the experience, on changes and improvement in themselves. Secondly, the main thing is to achieve goals, not to refuse the words and never to be given. Thirdly, in everything it is necessary to know when to stop. Not to train to unconsciousness, not to sacrifice the high-quality equipment of exercise for the sake of bigger number of repetitions. And of course, to train regularly, the schedule of trainings shouldn't be "spasmodic". And at last, athletes very seriously watch the diet. For them the balanced food costs not below qualitative trainings. In the diet at the adherent of workout vegetables, complex carbohydrates (croups), meat and fish. In a word, those products which contain necessary vitamins and nutrients for our organism.

Influence on the body and organism

The physical activity as it was proved, causes excitement, pleasant feelings and feeling of joy in the person. Naturally when the person likes that sport which he chose. And fans of workout feel though happy exhausted after the training, but thus. They proved to themselves again that they can become stronger, more courageous and better. Generally emphasis in exercises is placed on the upper body: muscles of hands, breasts, backs and press. Therefore it is easy to recognize these athletes by the developed, brawny and strong trunk. And because of use in trainings only of body weight they have the dried and slender body, low interest of fat and good endurance.

Workout – the excellent alternative to the unhealthy lifestyle for those who have no money or the opportunity to visit gyms and the fitness centers. And the most important that these sports can play at any age, it has practically no contraindications, doesn't do harm, tempers character and strength of mind.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team