How to clean the coffee machine

How to clean the coffee machine

It is just necessary to clean the coffee machine, otherwise the taste of coffee will deteriorate over time, and the machine can even stop working. It is very important to make planned and regular cleanings, but not emergency when the machine has already broken, even the clearest water leaves scum. It spoils taste of coffee and can damage coffee machine elements.

It is required to you

  • The decalcifying means (from scum)
  • Hot water


1. Some devices, such as coffee makers with the filter and coffee machines in which the tea block easily act need to be washed under the crane. Put removable part under water jet, you can use cleaning agents. Avoid the abrasive substances capable to destroy coffee maker elements. If there was scum, use dekaltsinator, they are on sale in tablets and liquids.

2. Fill in in the capacity on which there is scum, hot water with dekaltsinator, but not boiled water. Then make "coffee", without filling up drink. This procedure will wash out and will clean the coffee machine. If all scum was not washed away at once, it is possible to repeat still few times, in short period of time, enough 5-10 minutes.

3. After that carefully wash out all parts of the coffee machine under the crane. Collect the machine and make "coffee" once again, now with plain clear water. After water make 2-3 portions of coffee, but do not drink it, and pour out. Couples of portions of water and there will be enough runs with coffee that the machine was completely cleaned from the dekaltsinator which is not washed away by flowing water.

4. There are coffee machines in which there is self-cleaning function. Activate it, then before cooking coffee and after completion of the procedure, the machine for maintenance of purity will banish water empty.

5. If in the coffee machine there is no self-cleaning, then independently regularly banish it without coffee, empty, on one water. This way perfectly is suitable for regular cleaning.

6. On many coffee machines on which it is possible to do cappuccino as the frequent reason of pollution serves milk. It gets to different openings, remains in tubule, and then bacteria and microbes get divorced there. To clean all tube inside, fill in in container for milk hot water and banish it several times until from the dairy block clear transparent water goes. To clean steam nose, lower it in water, then include supply of steam on 20-30 sec.

7. Coffee oils leave deposit which can seem insignificant, but, in fact, it hammers tubes and openings and also strongly spoils taste of coffee. Change filters and regularly miss plain water via the coffee machine – and the taste of coffee will remain at height.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team