Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

see the Eiffel Tower and to die … of happiness. Many people at the words France, Paris immediately have associations with romantic walks along Seine, visits of Louvre, and, of course, a review of the Eiffel Tower as main attraction of the country. Thousands of tourists on its background imprint every year themselves on pictures.

It is a little about the Eiffel Tower

Its location is known to any Parisian – the Field of Mars. Yensky Bridge through the Seine River was opposite stretched. It is visible a tower from any point of Paris therefore not to find to it the road – it is impossible. Majestic and incredibly fine construction reaches in height of 324 meters that equals to the 81-storey house! The honorary title of the highest building in the world remained till 1930 until in New York the construction the Chrysler Buildinga was completed.

It is interesting that multiton (weight is it ten thousand tons) the iron beauty has only four floors:

  • · Land: sale of excursion tickets, the stand with useful information, souvenir little shops, buffet for hungry not only spiritually, but also physically eager to see the Miracle. There is also an office of mail from where it is possible to send a card though to the world's end. In the same place the hydraulic machines used for a raising of ancient elevators are located;
  • · First floor: except one more souvenir shop there is an opportunity to taste dishes at restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel and to look at a piece of the remains of the spiral staircase connecting the second and third floors in last times. The historical information can be received in Cineiffel – the center where there is a constant animation display. By the way, all first floor is turned into art gallery of images of the Eiffel Tower – drawings, posters, photos, pictures. Height – fifty seven meters.
  • · Second floor: panoramic review of Paris. And again benches with souvenirs, Jules Verne restaurant (of course, it will be called in honor of the Frenchman) and the sea, just oceans of data on this surprising metal design. Height – hundred fifteen meters.
  • · Third floor: the limit of dreams practically of all travelers – the high-speed transparent elevator lifts directly on the observation deck from where it is visible on many miles around. Eh, and how many there lovers kissed …. Inaccessible height turns the heads much – whether a joke, two hundred seventy six meters?!

History of creation

So, 1884, France. The Parisian authorities decide to note century of the Great French revolution and a Bastille Day with extraordinary scope and therefore decide to organize the World Fair which date of opening was necessary for 1889. But also the building for an exhibition has to look suitably: high, majestic, unusual and emphasizing the historical importance of the moment. Therefore competitive situation on development of a construction was proclaimed.

There were many persons interested to participate, but, after all, left only four projects among which there was also a construction plan of a 300-meter tower of the architect Gustav Eiffel. The first place in a competition was awarded to it for especially fast and reliable methods of construction of a tower.

The three hundred-meter construction was constructed by March 31, 1899. The general time of construction of the building was two years, two months and five days. The number of workers – three hundred people. High-quality drawings, study of all smallest details and use of integral metal details, it is powerful each no more than three tons and resulted in so fast result.

Problems could arise with tower support: the proximity of river water and huge weight of the building could lead to deplorable consequences. Because of it when digging ditches in caissons under high pressure air was pumped, and inclined support in number of four pieces were filled with sand. Subsequently sand was gradually produced that allowed the platform to settle exactly. Use of the hydraulic elevators and mobile cranes created by Eiffel facilitated work as the worker even more.

By the way, the exhibition opened in time and the tower became its main object (not specially). In six months of idle time about two million people came to take a look at it.

Entertaining facts:

  1. The tower received the name in honor of the designer Gustav Eiffel, but not it, and two of his employees – Emil Nugye and Maurice Kyokhlen was the ideological carrier. But their project was too dryish therefore Stefan Soverst was called it to dilute a little – it gave to a tower an art charm.
  2. It is interesting that the project of creation of a tower rolled at the bottom of a box of a table of Eiffel many years, it was not found accidentally yet.
  3. The original contract said about dismantling of the Eiffel Tower in 1909, but with the advent of radio and establishment of radio station to a tower 70 more years allowed to stand. Then yet and came to nobody to mind to consider it from the esthetic point of view.
  4. Many bohemian people were revolted with construction of a tower, considering that it will spoil city shape. So William Morris used to say that being in Paris, has dinner only at restaurant of the Eiffel Tower – this construction, awful to absurd is not visible only there.
  5. Number 300 is magic for the Eiffel Tower: initial height was equal the 300th to meters without antenna, 300 workers built, 300 artists and writers wrote the petition to municipality against construction.
  6. During construction any worker did not suffer that extremely exceptional case.
  7. In 2006 the tower was visited by about six million tourists.
  8. Many tourists are disappointed visit of a tower because of a large number of the people for what the first place in the rating of The most disappointing tourist objects is appropriated to it.
  9. The Eiffel Tower is for all years of the standing as well the most sold construction – tried to sell a tower time 20. The special attention is deserved by Victor Lyustig – really ingenious swindler who managed two times to alloy a tower to large businessmen on scrap metal, but in the third attempt was caught by police.
  10. Earlier the tower had the boring and very depressing appearance, but its each seven years tint already long time brown paint, and illuminations give really festive look in the evenings.

That it is useful for each traveler to know:

Hours of visit of a sight: 9.30 – 23.45. In summertime (from 17:06 till 28.08) – from 9:00 till 00:45

Visit cost: children up to 11 years – 9.30 euros; young people up to 24 years – 11.80 euros, adult – 13.40. Besides, the price will depend also on the chosen floor. By the way, it is possible to acquire e-tickets on an official web resource, devoted to Eiffel's tower in advance.

How to reach?

By the subway:

- Trocadéro (6, 9 branch);

- Champ de Mars - Tour Eiffel (RER, line C;

- Ecole Militaire (8th branch);

- Bir-Hakeim (6th branch).

How to reach by bus: to order a bus tour, will deliver quickly and without problems.

How to reach on city transport: buses No. 42, 69, 82, 87.

It is possible to hire the car, for example, car rental exists in 350 meters from a tower.

Hotels, hotels:

  1. Hotel de Londres Eiffel.
  2. Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel 3. Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel
  3. Derby Alma 5. Le Marquis Eiffel

The average prices for the spent night vary from hundred to four hundred euros. It is possible to look at all offers, having entered the corresponding inquiry in the searcher.

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