How to remove spot from polyurethane foam

How to remove spot from polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam belongs to the polyurethane foam sealants used for consolidation and thermal insulation at repair and construction. If foam gets on clothes, then the resistant spot which is not washing off in the normal way is formed. For removal of foam from fabrics it is necessary to use the dissolving substances for polyurethane foam.

It is required to you

  • - cleaner for assembly guns;
  • - sponge;
  • - brush;
  • - cotton pad;
  • - rags;
  • - scraper;
  • - freezing chamber;
  • - acetone;
  • - synthetic cleaning agent.


1. If during the work with foam it has gone beyond seams which you warmed, then at once remove it by means of rags. Cut off the stiffened polyurethane foam sharp stationery knife.

2. Buying foam, at once buy cleaner in bottles or aerosols. It is on sale in any construction supermarket and is intended for cleaning of construction guns and pollution on any surfaces.

3. If foam has got on clothes, then delete it with the specified cleaner. For use of means in bottles put on rubber gloves, apply substance on sponge or fabric, carefully wipe places of pollution, wash fabric in the washing machine.

4. For use of means in aerosols it is abundant sprinkle places of pollution, clean them by means of sponge or brush, wash product in the normal way with use of synthetic cleaning agents.

5. If from the first you did not manage to remove completely spots from polyurethane foam with one of means for the reason that you began to carry out removal of spots not right after completion of work and foam was deeply absorbed in fabric fibers, then wash fabric, dry, repeat processing and again wash.

6. Any cleaner of polyurethane foam irrespective of, is produced it in aerosol or in bottle contains acetone in structure. If you were not in time or have forgotten to get special means, then use normal acetone. As much as possible scratch out foam from fabric plastic scraper or put product in the freezing chamber for 1 hour and knead spot in hands. Process the remained pollution acetone by means of sponge, fabric or cotton pad, wipe places of pollution. In 15 minutes repeat processing. Then wash product in the washing machine.

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