All about cats: how to look after

All about cats: how to look after

Care for a cat is not so difficult, as for other pets. It will not take away a lot of time. But it is necessary to carry out it regularly. It not only satisfaction of needs of the pet, but also communication with it.

Toilet for a cat

Usually cats are quickly accustomed to a toilet, especially if the kitten to these skills is taught by a cat. If the kitten is not accustomed to a toilet, it is necessary to perform the following operations. To choose the place in the house, secluded, but having free access. To establish a tray with filler. To show to a cat a new toilet. If a kitten small, for the first time after a dream or after a meal it needs to be carried in a tray and to leave there. After it managed to descend in a tray, it is obligatory to praise the favourite. And as often as possible to change filler, maintaining purity in a cat's toilet. The cat can even be accustomed to a toilet bowl. For this purpose, after she will learn to go to a tray, it needs to be rearranged every day closer to a toilet bowl and to lift above. In three weeks when the tray is near a toilet bowl on one with it level, he can be moved away.

Feeding of a cat

It is better to feed a cat with a special cat's forage. Not all food from a table suits for a cat. To it contraindicated salty, sharp, sweet. She will not begin to eat products with preservatives and stabilizers. If there is desire to prepare for a cat, it has to be special food – grain porridges with addition of meat, fish, a liver. Natural dairy products. Surely vegetables and fruit. When feeding a cat the food cooked at home it needs to give vitamins in addition. Feeding by a cat's forage of additional vitamin supplements does not demand. If a cat long-haired, she needs to give special tablets from rolling in a wool stomach.

Walking of a cat

With a domestic cat it is possible not to walk at all. But the physical activity therefore if the apartment small, the animal needs to be walked (in city conditions) or to release to walk independently is necessary for her (at the dacha or in a country house). At independent walking it is necessary to watch that it did not bring home insects – fleas, pincers, it was not wounded.

Claw sharpener

Thing in care for a cat absolutely necessary. In the apartment naturally the cat cannot grind off claws. Therefore for it (and for protection of furniture) it is necessary to get a claw sharpener. If claws at a cat so long that disturb it, them can be cut slightly. It is better to use for this purpose services of the veterinarian.

Hygienic procedures

Cat – an animal clean. You should not wash her often. But to look after teeth, claws, ears, eyes, wool follows regularly. Eyes and ears need to be cleaned. Teeth need to be checked and deleted in clinic a scale. Wool – to comb out daily at long-haired and once a week at short-haired breeds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team