Animals are my friends

Animals are my friends

What is the friend - it is, first of all devotion, reliability, patience and support. The person can be the good friend, but it is a rarity, judging by nowadays, rather even on the contrary. Widespread proverb: ""Friend in court is better than a penny in purse"" began to have character of other type: ""Have no hundred friends, and have 100 rubles"", sounds with humour, but many a true word is spoken in jest. But when your canine friend is near, not of what silly jokes with a dirty trick you do not think because it does not give a reason to think of bad, and on against, always only positive emotions. So who they are, our canine friends?

Not at each child the chance to grow side by side with dumb animals drops out, and it is a pity. Pets are the best friends. I know it on myself. In the childhood when to me it was sad, or me someone will offend or still something, I ran away on the town is loved and hid from other eyes there, and with me these minutes there was always my dog, she put the head to me on knees and so far I will not smile, it did not leave. Everything who had a dog in years of growing will understand me. As it is touching and lovely - the dog calms the child.

about not only the dog is capable to give heat and joy, cats, parrots, the krolchat and even a small fish, always distract from grief. Children can see off for days on end with, so-called, friends. Of course, there are cases when animals behave not properly: bite, scratched, pecked, etc. But we know that they not from the evil, and for self-defense, protection of cubs and protection of the territory. The main thing - it is correct to behave, or not to get animals, for example dogs, such breeds, sentry or combative if houses grow children. Though the sheep-dog - too sentry, and gets on with children. Here and depends on the person as he supports an animal as trains and to what skills accustoms. The dog, a certain breed, can already have some features. For example, a dog rescuer the St. Bernard – very faithful dog, he is so devoted to the owner that can offer the life for the sake of his rescue.

How many cases were when the dog, sometimes and not trained, started helping out of a trouble. And the cat - walks in itself, but if takes in head to allocate for the owner the pet to the country and to leave the poor creature as in a month or year, the cat or a cat will come back home. There are many video clips, with participation of pets, how they care, caress or save the owners and just foreign people. There are various species of pets, different breed and different origin, but all these lovely creatures have some similar qualities - they are able to love and are not capable to stop loving and throw. They are able to be devoted and patient in relation to the owner, they will always support, without understanding that, will save the person from grief and loneliness. So we will unjustly not offend and throw them, we are responsible for them! They are dumb animals. ""Animals are my friends"" - my first article, and I do not regret that I about it decided to write in the first work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team