As the distemper at dogs is transmitted

As the distemper at dogs is transmitted

Distemper - an acute viral disease. The virus does not perish even at a temperature - 24 wasps. As a rule, if the dog once carried a distemper, then will not be infected any more.


1. The virus of a distemper affects head and a back a brain and also lungs. Cannot be infected with a dog distemper of people, and here other animals - it is easy. Worms and insects are distributors of an infection. But the dog can catch an infection and from other pets. The virus in the airborne way, is transmitted through allocations from eyes and a nose. Even 3 months later after recovery the dog still is a carrier of an infection. The virus is concealed in blood, in an abdominal cavity and a spleen. It gets to the external environment with excrements, urine, the flaking leather. The dog can be infected after sexual contact with a sick animal, after drink or feeding from one bowl with the carrier of an infection. The virus on footwear and clothes is transferred. The puppy can be infected with a distemper with mother's milk.

2. At small age of a dog are most subject to a viral disease. The distemper occurs in animal all breeds and age. If mother was ill a puppy earlier and was vaccinated, then the posterity will have the strongest natural protection against this disease. To avoid a horrible disease, it is necessary to observe the scheme of inoculations which are appointed by the veterinarian.

3. A distemper - not a seasonal disease. Epidemic can flash at all seasons of the year. The kind of a distemper occurs in cats too, but it is absolutely safe for dogs and vice versa. The incubation period of a virus of a distemper lasts from 2 days to 3 weeks. The disease can be acute, supersharp or molneinosny. Sometimes dogs perish still before the clinical picture of a disease was shown.

4. At a sick animal the temperature increase by 2-3 degrees is observed. A dog is in a fever, and such state can proceed about 12 days. At the pet all reflexes vanish, he arrives in depression, ceases to eat, tries to go to the quiet place, appearance of vomiting is possible. At damage of airways the dog begins to choke as pus and slime block the nasal courses. It is possible to hear puffing at a breath and an exhalation.

5. At manifestation of suspicious symptoms at a dog it is necessary to show her immediately to the doctor. After carrying out analyses and inspection the veterinarian will be able to make the diagnosis and to appoint treatment. Today did not develop distemper medicine yet therefore treatment directionally on maintenance of immunity and elimination of symptoms of a disease.

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