Care for the found puppy

Care for the found puppy

So it turned out that in your house the new inhabitant – a little doggie appeared. Ridiculous and amusing, he from the first days trustfully rubs about your leg, slightly bites a hand if something demands, and hilariously plays with children. Did you find him on the street and picked up for kindness sincere? Or he was beaten to your rural house? Or children with guilty persons brought: "Mom, dad, it is possible we will take a puppy?". No matter – the main thing: it now yours. How to care for the four-leg foundling?

If you in the house already have other animals, then you should not acquaint with them a puppy at once. It is unknown how it will react. Besides he can be a patient. It is better to take it weeks two-three in the certain room until it gets stronger, gets used to you and until you make sure that the dog is healthy.

Of course, it is better to take away a dog to the veterinarian first of all. That will examine it, will appoint necessary inoculations and treatment in a case and will even issue the most present dog passport. And, of course, will define breed of a puppy.

But before the foundling's messages to the veterinarian, it is possible to examine him independently. Attentively examine whether is not present depriving, glance in ears. If there are fears that the doggie has some skin disease, touch it only in gloves.

Take temperature. For this purpose enter on couple of centimeters the thermometer into an anus of an animal and take 3-4 minutes there. Temperature should not exceed 39 degrees Celsius. The nose at a healthy dog owes life cold and damp. Process an animal means against fleas. It is better to use drops or spray. The benefit, such medicine costs not much and is in any pet-shop. Even if your doggie very dirty, it is not necessary to bathe him. First, bathing for it – a big stress, secondly, it can be chilled, and bathing will become for it fatal. Clean it from dirt a damp rag or a brush better. Clean eyes a cotton tampon. Two times at an interval of ten days give to a puppy helminthic, for example, pratet, drontat, kanikvantet. It is very important as many worms perfectly take root in a human body, and it is more difficult to expel them from there. From the first days accustom a puppy to a toilet. Of course, the foundling cannot go "on affairs" in a certain hour. So right after each meal you drive it on walk or put on the newspaper. You will need a lot of patience to accustom it to an order. You praise for each successful celebrated "business", it is possible to give goodies or a toy. Make the list of what is required to you: a collar, a lead, a stove bench, a brush for wool, a towel, bowls for food and drink. It is better to take a collar or a breast-band for growth. How large will be a dog, it is possible to measure by eye on paws. The they are thicker and more powerful, the your pet will shoot up more. Choose bowls intelligently: plastic it is better not to take, puppies adore gnawing them. The best option will be ceramic – heaviest to turn such bowls. Think up a name. If your street Gavroche already rather adult, he could have a nickname. Put a young of wild animal before yourself and tell most widespread dog "names". At one of them the doggie can quicken and push a tail. Means, he approximately and was called – choose a similar nickname.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team