How just to care for a Yorkshire terrier

How just to care for a Yorkshire terrier

If you preferred to all decorative breeds of dog a Yorkshire terrier and in your house the lovely woolen being already appeared or you only plan to become the happy owner of a mini-terrier, here that you should know about care for your pet.

Contrary to popular belief in capriciousness of these dogs and complexity of care for them, in contents the Yorkshire terrier is not so exacting.

The most important is health. For maintenance of health of a Yorkshire terrier, first, inoculations in due time and on age, usually since 2.5-3 months are necessary. And, secondly, use of helminthics. Even if the dog never goes outside, the street is walked by her owners or guests of owners who can bring on footwear to the house what will affect the health of a doggie. Therefore helminthics cannot be neglected at all! 

As for daily care, here all as at people. Every day it is necessary to wash: to wipe with the cotton pad moistened with water eyes, and also to smooth a hair around eyes that did not disturb. It is desirable to comb hair every day too. It will occupy all a couple of minutes, but wool will not be felted, so and irritations on skin will not be. In pet-shops even special hairbrushes sell with mobile cloves for long-haired dogs which it is convenient to untangle a hair.  

It is necessary to get a haircut at least two times a year. There is such concept as a hygienic hairstyle. It is necessary for all, even to those pets who do not gather for exhibitions. It is possible to carry out a hygienic hairstyle and at home: to cut pads that small pillows, tips of ears on 1/3, claws, a hair around eyes and the place under a tail were visible.

The mixed food is contraindicated to Yorkshire terriers therefore you prepare either a dry feed, or you for it separately. At the same time it is necessary to remember about vitamins on age and weight.

It is also important to remember that, despite the size, a Yorkshire terrier after all a terrier and not to escape from the instincts put by the nature. Therefore the majority of dogs of this breed constantly look for something, lick, taste also the most terrible – swallow. It is better to try to disaccustom to this puppy, for example, so at once: to create "the nakazatelny newspaper", and when the puppy takes from a floor some subject – click on a nose (symbolical, not strong!). If the doggie could resist and refrained – receive delicacy from the owner's hands, from hands, but not from a floor, and that will not sort then that can be taken and that is not present. It is better to spend such trainings at home that by the time of the first walk the dog realized that from the earth cannot be taken nothing without the permission.

In general, Yorkshire terriers are quick-witted and are easily accustomed to a diaper or the street. If you chose a diaper as means of the organization of a toilet, then the street remains only for walks.

In order that the puppy did not gnaw what he should not be gnawed, he has to have toys, and with 4-x months of a stone from bull veins of the corresponding size.  

Do not forget that the Yorkshire terrier has no underfur therefore in the winter the dog freezes and her it is necessary to warm. It is optional to buy expensive dresses, the main thing that it was warm. Therefore the poponka from an old scarf will quite fit.

And, of course, the most important is a love and attention of the owner. Play with the pet more often, and the doggie will be happy!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team