How to clean pan to year

How to clean pan to year

The hobby in kitchen, cooking? Well, is not present – acceptance of food. And here after you will watch the pleasant movie after dinner, to come on kitchen not really pleasantly, from view of the mountain of pans with the burned spots it becomes horrible, but to wash pan, and perhaps not one all the same it is necessary. That we will tell how to have a good time behind cleaning of pans.

Practically each hostess came up against situation when the brilliant surface of pan became covered by unattractive deposit. Usually it arises because of elementary oversight. It is possible to distinguish such products as milk, jam, porridge, rice from the possible reasons of deposit and so on.

In rare instances to get rid of ashes in capacity and outside it is possible by means of ordinary soap solution which is used by the hostess in everyday life. However in certain cases it is necessary to use strong chemical means. Even the dish washer celebrates not always. It washes only part of pollution.

To clean pan from deposit in house conditions, there is no need to use means on chemical basis. It is possible to manage also the simplest make-shifts which are available practically for each hostess. What methods for cleaning of pan it is possible to call the simplest and effective? What folk remedies can use also what for this purpose is necessary?

Cleaning of pan by means of activated carbon

This method is ideal practically under any type of pan. The pans made of stainless steel can be cleaned with ease to gloss by means of one activated carbon. To notice effect of similar cleaning as soon as possible, it is enough to take 3 tablets of normal activated carbon. After that it is necessary to shatter coal to condition of powder. For this purpose it is possible to use standard teaspoon or small sieve.

When crushing of coal it is finished, it is necessary to fill up with the turned-out mix deposit which was formed on pan. Now it is necessary to leave pan for 30 minutes. The next stage of cleaning consists in filling of pan as much as possible cool water. When it is filled to the brim, it is necessary to wait about 35 minutes. After that it will be much simpler to wash pan from any pollution.

Cleaning by means of soap

Normal soap celebrates with cleaning of pan too. Instead of soap it is possible to use liquid solution. To accelerate cleaning process, it is the best of all to fill in pan with hot water, and then to fill in it liquid soap or soap shaving. It is necessary to put it on plate and to include weak fire. Process of boiling has to last about 20 minutes.

Then it is necessary to drain all water and to try to get rid of deposit by means of normal sponge. Under the influence of sponge deposit it will become essential softer. It is also possible to use also subject under the name scraper. It is necessary to consider that this method will hardly help in case the pan has burned too strongly.

Cleaning of pan by means of vinegar

This method is suitable only for pans from stainless steel or aluminum. You should not try to use vinegar for the pans made of other materials. For example, to clean the enameled pans by means of vinegar it will not turn out. The recipe of cleaning with use of vinegar looks as follows:

It is necessary to use only sting of 9%. It can be got in normal grocery store. Instead of vinegar it is possible to use fresh juice of lemon or citric acid. To wash pan bottom, it is necessary to fill in as much as possible vinegar or any of its substitutes. After that it is necessary to cover capacity and to wait 120-180 minutes. After that it is possible to wash pan with sponge or with use of cleaning agent.

This method of cleaning is ideal for products from aluminum as allows to clean the surface of metal from any spots which appear on it over time. You should not use vinegar for cleaning of the enameled ware at all.

Cleaning of pans by means of salt

Salt is used for cleaning of ware, however depending on material of which the product is made, the cleaning method differs.

In case the pan is made of stainless steel, it is necessary to fill in capacity with cool water and to leave for 120 minutes. Then it is necessary to pour out all water and to fill handful of table salt. To inadmissibly add salt directly to water, otherwise on metal there will be ugly dark stains. The similar way perfectly will be suitable also for pan from aluminum. With its help it is possible to get rid of the burned porridge and other products.

If it is about the burned enameled pan, then it should not be filled in with water. The fact is that under the influence of cool water the capacity can deteriorate. Will enough fill up surface I will merge, and after that to leave it on two-three of hours. It will be extremely easy to wash capacity bottom from deposit. It is enough to use sponge and hot water. In case it is about too gross contaminations, the procedure can be repeated several times.

Cleaning by means of whey

This method can seem unusual, however it is effective for all types of pans.

Whey is universal product which can be used to eliminate any pollution in or outside of pan. Whey will not spoil surface and perfectly copes purification of any materials. The reason of so high efficiency consists in composition of serum. It contains set of chemical alkalis and acids which help to eliminate deposit instantly.

For cleaning of surface it is enough to flood the burned place with whey on several centimeters of high pollution. After that it is necessary to leave pan approximately for 24 hours. When this term passes, will be to wash capacity by means of sponge as easy as shelling pears.

Cleaning of pans by means of soda

This method is ideal for tanks from stainless steel and also the enameled pans. The aluminum pan in this case does not give in to cleaning.

Cleaning by means of soda is great way to cope with pollution in case other methods have not helped to cope with deposit. Usually soda is available at the disposal of each hostess. By means of this substance it is possible to remove with ease pollution in capacity. For this purpose it is enough to fill small amount of soda on the bottom. Now it is necessary to wait for 35 minutes. After that it will be much simpler to wash pan.

Happens that capacity burns both inside, and outside. In that case it is almost impossible to replace soda. Process of cleaning with soda of all surfaces provides several stages:

1. At first it is necessary to remove any easily melting and plastic parts from pan. 2. Then it is necessary to place capacity in as much as possible capacious tank. 3. Now it is necessary to fill in it with solution from soda. In order that to prepare it, it is necessary to use 5 liters of water on 500 g of soda powder. Liquid has to cover capacity completely. 4. Water should be brought to boiling, and then to reduce fire and to boil pan two-three of hours. 5. Water should allow to cool down. 6. It is necessary to take out capacity from water and to clean it by means of sponge.

Cleaning by means of soda and salt mix

This way is suitable for aluminum products and the enameled surfaces.

Right at the beginning it is necessary to prepare mix. For this purpose it is necessary to mix salt and soda in proportion 1:1. When mix is made, it is necessary to fill up deposit which is located in the very bottom pans. Then it is necessary to add small amount of water. It is necessary in order that powder has as soon as possible thickened. Now it is possible to leave capacity for 24 hours. When this term ends, it is possible to begin process of removal of mix. To make it as soon as possible, it is necessary to gather in pan of water and to boil it at least 30 minutes on rather weak fire. It is necessary only to wash capacity by normal method.

Cleaning by means of PVA glue and laundry soap

Thus it is possible to clean practically any pan. If it is necessary to be engaged in cleaning of very old pan which has set of pollution, it is necessary to use the recipe below.

On 4 liters of boiled water it is necessary to prepare third of the soap grated in shaving. It is also necessary to add 1 tablespoon of PVA glue. It is necessary to boil the received mix 30-40 minutes. Even the black raid will be easy to be washed if to use this method.

Cleaning by means of special means which are used for removal of fat.

Similar means can be used for cleaning of tanks from stainless steel and also aluminum pans. The enameled pan also gives in to cleaning.

It is the best of all to give preference to such means as Amway, Chister, ""Bugs of Shumanit"". It is extremely simple to use the transferred funds. For this purpose it is necessary to grease with liquid deposit in capacity and to wait about 10-15 minutes. After that it is necessary to wipe surface with sponge. From deposit there should not be also trace. All 3 the listed means are suitable for cleaning, however there is set of other means, each of which can also cope with removal of pollution therefore it is necessary to be guided by the range in shop and the recommendation of sellers.

Rather often ware loses the former look very quickly. To get rid of yellowness and also from porridge or even caramel can be difficult therefore each of the described methods will help to cope with pollution, however only if strictly to observe all recommendations.

Useful tips about pans

For a start get quality pans, good pan from stainless steel it is easier to wash and prepare in it remarkably. Anyway better to wash pan, she right after emptying should be killed. Be accurate with pans with teflon non-stick coating, it is easy to damage this covering metal subject therefore it is not recommended to use the metal brush not in which case. Otherwise your pan just should be thrown out because is from the damaged pan it is impossible, the hazardous substances which are contained in teflon will get to your organism through food.

Means which still our grandmothers washed ware, the simplest – baking soda. Also we boil two thirds of water, two-three tablespoons of soda minutes 30-40. We rinse and are looked in the reflecting surface, admiring smooth lines of the nose. 

Very effective remedy when soaking pan, citric acid, find pan more than that that you want to wash, put in it pan, pour water, it is so much that it has covered pan, pour tablespoon of citric acid and on slow fire you boil about an hour.

If you want to keep luster of your enameled pan from darkening, it can achieve boiling with various means for washing of ware. Or to boil, two times a month, in pan, water with vinegar.

It is especially heavy to remove the food remains which burn in pan therefore try to do the following, fill in saucepan of normal table salt, pour a little water and leave so to stand then just wash away flowing water.

And here a little sophisticated, but effective method after which your saucepans will sparkle. You find boiling extraction or big pan in your storeroom, to it we put all saucepans which are available for you in kitchen. We fill in all this with water, and we fill in small bottle of office glue there, we pour out pack of laundry detergent. All this alchemical mix we boil hour two. It is possible to add pack of soda ash here.

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