How to breed spiders

How to breed spiders

Dogs, cats, hamsters and aquarium fishes are habitual pets with which you will hardly surprise guests. If you want something special, get a spider. This animal with exotic appearance who will not begin to sit at you on a lap while you iron him, but will present you many interesting minutes spent in observation of his life.

Most often support in house terrariums bird spiders and tarantulas. Both that and others are rather large arachnoid, covered hairs and having very impressive appearance. Care for spiders not such difficult as can seem at first sight, however for successful cultivation of these animals it is necessary to create conditions necessary for them.

Dwelling of a spiderBefore getting a spider, it is necessary to equip the dwelling for it. Usually the terrarium acts as that, but it is necessary to equip it depending on natural conditions of dwelling to which your pet got used. Some spiders need a thick layer of substrate where it will bury, to others – snags. The humidity in a terrarium also depends on the habitual circle of an animal. The spiders living in tropics need to create 75-90% humidity of air, and here for desert and shrubby will 50-75% are more acceptable. It is not necessary to keep several spiders in one terrarium. These arachnoid – predators which will have a dinner with pleasure with the neighbor.

What to feed a spider withBoth bird spiders, and tarantulas are predators. They eat insects: ground beetles, caterpillars, crickets, medvedka, bugs and cockroaches. Also the bird spider is capable to eat birds, fishes, small rodents, frogs and other medium-sized representatives of fauna.


Though it is simple to support spiders of the house, to persuade them to get posterity – a difficult task. It is desirable to start acquaintance of a male to a female after their molt after a while. "Dates" have to take place in a separate large terrarium which none of them consider the territory. If you have bird spiders, it is desirable to start a female in a new terrarium of the first and to give her time to accustom. As soon as she gets used, will become normal to eat and will begin to make to herself the dwelling, it is possible to bring to her the gentleman. Before pairing of tarantulas which females are capable to kill a male even prior to action the lady should be fed densely. It is better for spiders to organize a date in the evening when they are quieter. Even if pairing took place successfully, it does not mean that the female of a spider immediately will begin to build a cocoon. She stores spermatozoa in special body – a spermoteka. If Wednesday in which she lives suits it – the terrarium is spacious, comfortable and reliably protected, there is enough food, then there is a fertilization of eggs. After that future mother starts construction of the dwelling for the posterity. If something does not suit a female of a spider, she can postpone fertilization until the best times.

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