How to get rid of smell of tobacco smoke in the house

How to get rid of smell of tobacco smoke in the house

Smoking as plague, captures more and more people in the networks. Harmless as it seems first, the habit makes the life miserable and to the smoker, and those who surrounds him. Tobacco smoke not only has unpleasant smell, it is dangerous that it is absorbed in everything around then hazardous substances evaporate from surfaces and do harm to human health.

First of all it is necessary to leave so addiction in the past. Business this hard, but necessary. It is possible to read the book with installation on healthy lifestyle, to use plasters or electronic cigarette. Treatment is expensive, but is worth it that will be spent.

The room should be aired properly, and to wipe furniture with the rag, the wetted in the diluted vinegar. It is possible to dilute somehow, the main thing not consistence, but caustic smell. After these manipulations it is good to create draft that couples of vinegar has disappeared together with the remains of tobacco poison in the apartment.

In all rooms it is possible to place jars with coffee seeds, rice, rock salt or the cut orange peel, these products differ in ability to absorb hazardous substances, interfering with their distribution. Carpets and paths can be wiped with shampoo or to powder with soda. The last way is not really convenient as it is necessary to leave soda on carpet for the whole day.

Plain wet bathing towels possess good absorption. Hanged out on backs of chairs and doors, they quickly absorb in themselves all harmful substances. By the way, such way is appropriate in attempt to get rid also of other unpleasant smells. Only towels it is better to take old and to erase them more often.

The air ionizer will help to save the apartment from tobacco misfortune. The fact is that smoke has positive charge, and the ionizer, on the contrary, negative. At turning on of the ionizer the heavy particles of cigarette smoke fall by floor. It is enough to wash the floor and surfaces of cabinets, tables and other furniture, ordinary water with addition of whiteness.

If finally it was not succeeded to get rid of tobacco in the house, unpleasant smells can be disguised. Now the set of house fragrances and air fresheners is on sale, but there is also old, checked by time way. Favourite spirits it is necessary to sprinkle a little cold bulbs. When light lights up, the bulb heats up and about the room thin fragrance spreads.

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