How to bring cat's fleas

How to bring cat's fleas

Fleas are wingless blood-sicking insects. They cause a severe itch in cats. Raschesy and grazes can cause dermatitis. If there is a lot of fleas, then it can become the cause of anemia of an animal. It is simple to bring insects not so that. They can manage up to one and a half years without write, but instantly become more active if the animal is near.

It is required to you

  • - antiflea collar;
  • - insecticidal shampoo, soap or foam;
  • - insecticidal spray;
  • - dry wormwood;
  • - medicine on the basis of a lufenoron.


1. Fleas are very hardy. Today there are no means which would kill them at any stage of development. The effective method of fight is a processing of an animal and the apartment safe anti-parasitic medicines. There is a lot of them. However, some contain chemicals which can damage to an animal. Therefore buy the means intended especially for cats.

2. Do not mix various medicines. Even if each of them is separately safe for an animal, when sharing the level of toxicity can increase considerably.

3. The antiflea collar – convenient and available means, unfortunately, not always results in desirable results. Sometimes fleas just get over far away from a collar. Besides not any cat will suffer it on herself. But the sheynik can protect an animal from repeated infection. Never use it along with any other means.

4. Insecticidal shampoos are effective. Before acquisition make sure that means is intended especially for cats. When using observe the instruction. It is possible to apply also special soap or foam. Soap cotton fabric. Wipe with it hair of a cat. You do not apply means on a muzzle of an animal. You watch that soap did not get into eyes, a nose and ears. The main minus of such method is that many cats do not love bathing.

5. For fight against insects it is possible to use sprays. Take an animal for a nape and quickly, within 2-3 seconds, spray medicine at first along a back, then along a stomach. Be careful, substance should not get to a cat on a muzzle. It is the best of all to carry out such processing on the street and if nevertheless houses, then at all not in rooms where are water, food or an aquarium with small fishes. Process sofa beds on which chairs the cat and also edges of carpets likes to sit or lie.

6. Safe vegetable means – a bitter wormwood. However, it does not destroy, and only frightens off insects. Take the dry leaves of a wormwood crushed in powder. Rub in hair of a cat. Then comb out a brush. Sacks with a dry wormwood can be put in a cat's laying.

7. Medicines on the basis of a lufenoron - the modern, effective, not having side effects means. It is safe for people and animals. Lufenoron - hormone the destroying chitin. As a result of its application the cycle of development of an insect is interrupted at an early stage. Eggs of fleas just dry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team