How to castrate a cat in house conditions

How to castrate a cat in house conditions

If you are the owner of a cat and your animal does not participate in cultivation of a certain breed, then it is better to castrate him. It becomes for suppression of an instinct of reproduction at a cat and quiet life for his owner.

Some owners hope that their favourite will not begin to mark on corners and to shout at night. They buy various hormonal tablets and drops which help, but is short, at the same time do harm to an organism. Further they come to a conclusion that it is time to do castration.

When to do operation?

There is a rule that castration to a cat can be appointed aged from 7 months. From this point castration will not do harm to an organism.

The cat is recommended to be castrated before the first knitting, so he will not have in memory desire to breed, production of hormones happens in a hypophysis.

If before castration you never took out an animal on the street or know that the cat can be frightened of departure in clinic, then it is possible to make castration at you at home. Pluses of this option are that the animal is in a usual house situation and is less subject to a stress. Saving of time of the owner also has good points. During operation he can carry out the household chores. One week prior to operation the cat needs to give anthelminthic medicine. In 6 hours before operation to a cat the hungry diet is appointed. All this is carried out to avoid postoperative complications at an animal.

How does castration become?This operation resembles under the general anesthesia. Operation on time takes 20-30 minutes, for this purpose to a cat the injection of an anesthesia, short on duration, is entered. The veterinary surgeon does section of a scrotum and ties up seed kanatik, further deletes an appendage. The operational wound is treated by antiseptic solution. After castration to an animal the antibiotic injection is put.

In an anesthesia of an eye remain open with cats, it belongs to features of a type of cat's.

The animal owner after operation needs to be constantly near him until the cat wakes up from an anesthesia. Processing of a postoperative wound is carried out once a day. It is done by means of peroxide of hydrogen and iodine. After castration the animal can come to the normal state within several hours. The cat begins to eat food and to go to a tray. Specialized food which can be got in any shop selling forages is recommended to the castrated cats. After operation the cats remain the same, at them desire to breed and mark on corners vanishes. They as before, play, catch mice and love you.

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