How to construct a birds feeder

How to construct a birds feeder

The birds feeder does not require difficult design solutions. And its components can be from the most elementary materials which were overlooked houses. It can be bottles from under drinks, boxes from under milk or candies, etc. And, above all, time for all work will be spent minimum short! The feeding trough gazebo established on a surface is made thus:


1. Take four legs (about 150 cm of long) and fasten below with crossbeams on all perimeter. Further connect two opposite crossbeams a board or bar (10 cm). On this bar the central column will fasten;

2. Establish on the central column one feeding trough on the middle, and the second under the roof of a feeding trough. Lower it is intended for large birds, and top for small;

3. Upholster a feeding trough tray with a side on perimeter. Then establish the chetyrekhskatny roof of a feeding trough protecting from snow and a rain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team