How to cause vomiting in a cat

How to cause vomiting in a cat

Vomiting is a reflex reduction of muscles of which eruption outside through a mouth of contents of a stomach of a cat is result. Vomiting can be spontaneous - when, for example, the cat ate a large number of food, its organism tears away surplus. Sometimes cats also eat a grass to clean a stomach. But there are situations when harmful bacteria or toxic agents get to an organism of a cat. In this case it is necessary to cause vomiting artificially.


1. Of course, the urgent visit to the veterinarian has to become your first aspiration. But what to do if vetklinik to you it is not available, and it is necessary to save an animal? You can render the emergency help independently. Calling of vomiting is relevant only in the first two hours after poisoning as after the qualified help is already necessary.

2. As fast as possible it is necessary to work if the animal swallowed the substances causing the increased blood clotting, arsenic, soothing. The spoiled food, household chemicals can be the cause of poisoning. If you see that at an animal the increased salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and a shiver, convulsive pulling of muscles, the speeded-up superficial breath – act immediately.

3. Better if you act not alone, and with the assistant. Strong you hold a cat, open for her a mouth and pour in solution of table salt (2-3 teaspoons on a glass of water). Do not raise the head of an animal while you give to drink to him that it did not choke. It is possible to use and just water, in large numbers.

4. Vomiting cannot be caused in a cat in case already pulled out it if it is in coma if she swallowed sharp objects, acid or alkali, oil products, detergent, solvent.

5. After a cat pulled out, you have to achieve decrease in concentration of toxic agent in a GIT. For this purpose it is necessary to vypaivat a cat water and to give an enema cleaning. For washing of a stomach it is possible to give weak-pink solution of potassium permanganate, strong tea, and for poison absorption – activated carbon.

6. Do not forget - all your actions are directed first of all to giving the pet first aid, but not to replace treatment at the veterinarian.

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