How to cut a beak I will scare

How to cut a beak I will scare

Parrots took the place of the most popular pets long ago and strongly. It is simple to look after them, these birdies long live and please owners with a cheerful twitter and bright plumage. Besides, the organs of articulation of pets allow to train them in pronunciation of various words. But sometimes these little birds are ill, and then the person needs to help them.


1. What to do if the beak of a parrot strongly grew and prevents it to drink or eat food? It is better not to try to cut off the grown tip independently. In a beak of a parrot there are many blood vessels, having injured which, it is possible to cause serious damage to health of a birdie. Address the veterinarian who it is competent and in sterile conditions will carry out the necessary procedure.

2. That the beak of a parrot did not grow too strongly, surely hang up a pebble about which the birdie will be able to sharpen it in a cage. Pay attention to a forage which you give to the pet. There should not be a surplus of minerals which leads to rapid growth of horn fabric. Besides, in fodder mix there have to be enough big grains, for example oats or sunflower seeds. The parrot should shell these grains, and the tip of a beak will be erased.

3. If growth of a beak began after intake of vitamins, it is better to cancel them. Means, in them there is too much calcium. It is possible to determine it also by a dung of a birdie. If it almost white, so you gave to a parrot too much forage and the vitamins containing this, in principle useful, mineral.

4. If you after all decided to cut a beak independently, it is necessary to do it extremely carefully. Prepare sharp scissors. Accurately take out a parrot from a cage and you hold in the left hand. Ask somebody to help you and to hold a head of a birdie. Get up against light. The tip of a beak which appears through has no blood vessels and it can be cut off. Also, if you have healthy birds, you can compare a beak of a sick parrot to them. Then you will have an idea at what length it is possible to cut off a horn cover.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team