How to cut off wings at a parrot

How to cut off wings at a parrot

Among owners of parrots there is an opinion that it is easier to tame birds with the cut-off wings. It is necessary to know that all procedures, unpleasant for a bird, should not be carried out by the owner that the parrot did not remember "the bad relation". Therefore ask your friend or other family member to help you.

It is required to you

  • - Scissors;
  • - rag or towel.


1. Lay a table newspapers. Include a desk lamp. Take out a parrot from a cage, holding with a hand of his pad. That the bird was not afraid, cover the head of a parrot with a rag or a towel. Lay a parrot on a table and ask your friend or the family member to take it for the head and legs.

2. Spread a wing of a parrot. The bird at the same time has to lie on a back. Attentively examine the feathers planned to cutting. It is better not to touch blood feathers. It is easy to distinguish them from other feathers: they have a porous cover, they are painted in black, brown or red color.

3. Begin to cut off feathers on a wing to their thickening - in several centimeters from skin. Do not worry, to a parrot it will not be sore. At a scrap leave three-four feathers on the end of wings and at a trunk that the birdie did not look "a bare figure".

4. Cut off to the same manners feathers on other wing. After the procedure calm a bird, cage her, give delicacy and only then carry out "flight tests". If wings at a parrot are clipped correctly, then in attempt to depart he does not fall down, and softly plans.

5. As option, cut off on several feathers in the middle of each wing and look how the parrot uses them. If the bird, without having noticed loss, perfectly flies, cut out on several feathers from each wing.

6. Cut off wings further in process of growth of feathers. Some time after the procedure the parrot can worry, touch plumelets in search of absent. Do not worry, this process will last not for long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team