How to distinguish a male of neon

How to distinguish a male of neon

You bought neon small fishes for maintenance and cultivation in house conditions. However it is hard for inexperienced aquarians to distinguish males of neon from the self-check. Especially as subspecies of these small fishes a little: black, red, blue.


1. Buy small fishes only in specialized shops and it is obligatory at malkovy age as then it will be simpler to you to define whether they reached the polovozrelost period after which (especially during spawning) it is the simplest to distinguish a male from a female.

2. Blue and red neon reaches Polovozrelosti at the age of 5-9 months, and black – by 9-11 months.

3. Males of blue neon seldom are in length more than 3 cm, and here females can grow also to the 4th. The female is larger in all respects, especially around a paunch. Besides, the bright blue-green strip on an upper body of these subspecies at females is a little bent, males it have a straight line.

4. At red neon the blue-green strip much more already is also located along a body of a small fish, and a paunch red. The size of adult individuals – up to 5 cm. However at females more roundish paunch, and a strip – with a small hump. The most certain way to distinguish a female of red neon from a male – to pay attention to a shape of an anal fin. At a female this fin concave, at a male, on the contrary, convex, roundish.

5. A strip along a body of a small fish – distinctive feature and black neon. Just as blue and red, the self-check of black neon can be distinguished from males on a strip bend (in this case silvery). Length of a mature individual – no more than 4 cm, however during spawning of a female increase in sizes, and males do not.

6. One of the most sure signs for sex determination of a small fish is the form of a swimming bubble and how it is located in an abdominal cavity. Consider small fishes in the bright passing light. If at an individual the bubble of the pointed form is stretched also down, then this is a male. If a bubble of more rounded shape, and the free space between the rear edge of an abdominal cavity and interiors is filled with caviar, then this is, certainly, a female. But be not fond of a similar way for sex determination of neon as they usually need the shaded aquarium.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team