How to execute registration of an aquarium

How to execute registration of an aquarium

The house aquarium not only is capable to help you to relax and distract from daily cares, it can become an original detail of an interior of your house. That the aquarium really pleased you and your guests with the beauty, it is necessary to execute its registration correctly.


1. First of all, choose soil for registration of the aquarium. It can be the most various flowers and the sizes. Give preference to the soil consisting of natural materials of dark color. Plants and small fishes on the dark soil look much more effectively, than on light. For an aquarium with living plants choose soil of 3-4 in size. Soil of smaller diameter slezhivatsya quickly and rots, and bigger – at all is not suitable for normal existence of useful bacteria.

2. The majority of decorative fishes, as a rule, loves various shelters. Therefore do not forget to fill a bottom of the aquarium with caves, grottoes, hills and all koryazhka. Only try to choose the products made of natural materials, but not of plastic.

3. Do not forget to inhabit the aquarium various plants. It is necessary to seat them on three tiers: high – to a back wall, low – to a lobby, and attach plants-solitery on an aquarium decor.

4. Do not make out the aquarium the stones containing lime or metal deposits. They, as a rule, are on sale in the markets. You can buy really qualitative jewelry only in specialized pet-shops.

5. Try to hide everything the devices (filters, heaters) which are present at an aquarium behind decorative material. So they will not be evident or at all will become "invisible".

6. Choose small fishes, being guided by the aquarium sizes, life support system power (compressor and the filter), conditions of keeping of the plants which are present at an aquarium. Remember that some fishes live in area near soil, others – in the thickness of water, and the third – at a surface. Present mentally as the small fishes chosen by you in your aquarium will look. If everything suits you – make out an aquarium according to the idea.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team