What is the time pregnancy at a cat proceeds

What is the time pregnancy at a cat proceeds

The owner of a cat who is pregnant for the first time does not know yet what can be expected throughout this period and in the course of the families of his alumna. Moreover – many people in general have a weak idea of that how many pregnancy at a cat lasts.

If you are an owner of a cat which you plan to tie after a while, or your favourite is already pregnant, then for certain you are occupied by a question of that how many her pregnancy will last. Usually from the moment of knitting before appearance of kittens on light there pass nine weeks, but it is average, that is inexact term.

Actually the cat bears the kids from 58 to 72 days, and in certain cases this term can drag on even longer – it already is pathology and demands medical intervention.

To have an idea when kittens at your favourite have to be born, you should know for sure date of its knitting with a cat – from this day it is reckoned. In some cases pregnancy at sphinxes and short-haired cats lasts slightly less, than at long-haired animals. Besides, the quantity of fruits can influence duration of its current; the more kittens are born by a cat, the big load is placed on its organism and the completion of pregnancy is more transient usually. Anyway, even if in a dung about ten kittens, then they should not be born before the expiration of 58 days since the beginning of pregnancy at all – premature kids are most often impractical and soon perish.

Rather often the cat "perekhazhivat" pregnancy; it can be caused by a stress or small – two or three – quantity of cubs in a dung. What it is necessary to consider excessively prolonged pregnancy? It is necessary for formation of a viable kitten that from the moment of conception before childbirth there passed not less than 58 days; week over this term for which childbirth does not occur is not considered pathology and does not demand the veterinarian's call. If and for the 66th day of pregnancy the cat was not poured, then it is about it better to consult to the expert.

Pregnancy at a cat can be subdivided into three periods, identical on duration, – a trimester. Throughout the first of them the fruit reaches the centimetric size; by the end of this term it forms the head and formation of extremities and also external genitals begins. In the second trimester the fruit gets a muzzle and even teeth; its sizes increase to five-six centimeters. In principle, by the end of this period the fruit visually represents strongly reduced copy of an ordinary domestic cat. Throughout the third trimester the kitten has a hair, and ears and a tail become longer; by 58th day of pregnancy it is completely created and viable.

It is interesting that samochka develop quicker, than males, and at birth they in general usually stronger and active, than their little brothers.

Having compared terms of puberty of an average cat and average duration of her life, it is simple to count that one animal hypothetically can become a mother more than hundred kittens. Actually it is not recommended to knit a cat more often than one-two times a year, pregnancy and childbirth strongly wear out an animal organism. In case your cat is not the valuable representative of the breed and the line of those who would like to take from it a kitten did not queue up to you, it is better not to produce to nobody the necessary animals and in due time to sterilize the alumna.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team