How to fatten a rabbit

How to fatten a rabbit

Meat of rabbits is useful dietary and even medical product. Dishes from it are necessary for postoperative patients as this meat for 96% is acquired, and pork or beef - only for 60%. It is preparing easily and simply. That meat of a rabbit was more gentle and tasty, a rabbit it is necessary to fatten, allow to tie a fat.


1. Process of sagination of rabbits is divided into three periods: preparatory, the main, final. Adult animals duration of the first period have five days, the second - eight days, and the third - seven-eight days. For young rabbits the entire periods increase up to ten days.

2. At the preparatory period of sterns it is possible not to change, leave those products which rabbits eat usually. Just increase a dose approximately by 50%, and in the winter cut amounts of hay and any other rough forage by half. Ideal products for the first period are compound feeds, corn, oats, firm white bread, bean, herbs. You feed rabbits with carrots, bran, cabbage, quality hay in the fall and in the winter.

3. The second period is the basic, during this time rabbits have to find ideal meat standard. You feed animals with the boiled and carefully washed out potatoes mixed with compound feed and wheat bran, corn grains, barley, oats, wheat, peas, flax seeds, greens. Do not give to rabbits root crops, has to be Sena very little. You can give to drink to pets the removed or whole milk.

4. During the third period it is necessary to set results. You feed rabbits with the most various food, exclude hay, it can be given only at disorders of digestive tract of animals. It is necessary to include fragrant herbs in a diet: chicory, fennel, caraway seeds and many others. The best products for this period are mixes of compound feed, grain, wheat bran and boiled potatoes, dairy products, branches of coniferous trees.

5. During all process of sagination give to rabbits two-three grams of table salt a day. You feed animals on three-four times a day, you do not stint food. Long-eared pets always have to have an access to fresh water. You keep rabbits in individual cages and darken the room, these animals eat day more at night. Carry out slaughter after a molt.

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